Paris Hilton is currently making headlines for defending U.S. President Donald Trump against the sexual assault accusations he’s facing. In addition, Hilton also made an announcement about being a feminist.

We really don’t know the reason behind why the 36-year-old socialite is defending Trump, especially after her feminist declaration. But since Trump has been a longtime family friend of the Hiltons, it’s not impossible that the president has found an ally in Paris, who he has known since she was young.

Being a feminist

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Paris Hilton proudly announced that she believed in feminism.

Bustle even quoted her saying that she’s “very into” women’s empowerment and girl power. Unfortunately, her feminist views might not sit well with those 16 various women who accused Trump of sexual assault, especially since she defended the president from the claims and calling the women as “opportunists.”

Trump is innocent

Apart from die-hard supporters who strongly believe that Donald Trump is innocent from the sexual assault allegations, Hilton also thinks so. The hotel chain heiress has known the 71-year-old real estate mogul since she was young and even though she did not vote for him as America’s 45th president, Trump has left an impression on her as someone who’s always been very “nice, respectful and sweet.”

When it comes to the sexual assault accusations, Hilton said she doesn’t believe the claims.

She even had a counterattack against the accusers, saying the women are “opportunists” who wanted to get “attention and fame.”

Hilton added that the women just want to get paid or a settlement although “nothing really happened.” She also implied that she understood these women who want to be with Trump because of his good looks, charm, and wealth.

However, the socialite stressed that the accusers might just “made up the story,” Salon reported.

Sex tape scandal

Aside from defending Trump, who found her “attractive” at the age of 12, Hilton also broke her silence over her sex tape scandal in 2003 with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

At the time, the “Simple Life” star was only 18 when the video was filmed, while her beau was 33.

During her, Marie Claire interview, the TV personality, and entrepreneur admitted that she’s furious over the video titled, “One Night in Paris,” since it was released without her consent and sold for profit. She also revealed that she didn’t earn any dollar from it. As per Fox News, Hilton felt the video tainted her public image.

The next Princess Diana?

Due to the release of the video, Hilton confessed she felt “so depressed and humiliated.” She added that meeting Salomon and the scandal was the greatest regrets of her life. Hilton even said that her professional poker player ex-boyfriend took away the opportunities for her to become the next Princess Diana, the royal she admired most.

She added that people will always judge her because of the scandal.

Love life

Meanwhile, Hilton said the scandal also took a toll on her love life, saying she battling trust issues. In the past, she was blinded by the belief that she always “need a boyfriend” or to be with someone. The “Stars are Blind” singer also recalled turning down opportunities like canceling an entire tour because of fear that her boyfriend would cheat on her.

Despite what she’s been through, Hilton remains hopeful that she would still meet a “sweet and normal” man who would never “hurt” her and would be her “best friend.” The model-turned-DJ added she never really meets a guy who she wants to date that is why she wants someone from a “small town who’s obsessed” with her.