Saitama, the "One Punch Man" protagonist, is still undefeated at the end of the first season. As ironic as it seems, the primary driver of this anime is for someone to come and defeat the Caped Baldy. At the moment, the only official candidate for Saitama's demise includes the human #Monster Garou, S-Class Rank 1 Hero Blast, and the monster Sonic. But what if an unexpected candidate appears?

The mystery of Monster Cells

A monster #Cell is a wonder "food" that makes a human stronger by setting their limits to a higher level. This "food" is needed to be ingested raw and also, the person who consumes it has to be willing to eat it.

It is revealed in the latest chapter that humans who transformed into a monster can retain their human form if they have a strong will. The monster cell is said to be given from the "Monster #King." It seems like cooking the monster cell negates its effect.

King Engine + Monster Cell =?

King is the only one who ever gave Saitama his defeat, well at least in the video games that they were playing. He is the most useless in the Heroes Association. In the Webcomic, King can't even unsheath Atomic Samurai's sword. That shows how weak King is physically. But if "One Punch Man" is an RPG game and you will take a peek at character's stats, King will have the highest "luck."

Throughout the series, King always finds himself stuck inside something that he cannot handle. But he somehow manages to get out of the trouble unharmed.

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His character is being used as a comic relief in the (gag) show. His only power, the "King Engine" is actually his nervousness that was always misunderstood as his "I'm getting ready to beat you" stunt.

The power that the monster cell can give is based on the human that will eat it. The eater's desire to be powerful is also a factor that influences the transformation. So theoretically, if King is to eat a monster cell, he will not likely undergo a drastic transformation and power up since he is not physically strong and is not really a "power hungry" individual.

But if you take into account King's unusually high luck, he can be lucky enough to transform into someone who Saitama cannot defeat. Will his luck rise higher than before? Will he be powerful physically? Will he not be affected by the monster cell transformation? Or will he be able to turn on King Engine louder than before? It's kinda hard to predict, but it would be very interesting if King would try. Afterall, if he's very lucky, he can be someone whom Saitama will not be able to land a punch into.