The latest chapter of the manga revealed more information about the #Monster #Association and its leader. A gigantic monster who is known by the name "King Orochi" is behind the attacks against the Heroes Association and all of the cities. But what is more interesting about this Monster King is that he can be the "God-level" monster that was prophesized to be the greatest monster that the Heroes Association and all humanity could face.

King Orochi and his origin

King Orochi's first ever appearance in the timeline is when he battled the then human Martial Artist Gouketsu. He quickly defeated Gouketsu, but instead of killing the man, Orochi gave him a monster cell to transform himself into a monster.

It can be assumed that since then, Gouketsu helped Orochi to find stray monsters and transform humans into monsters.

Orochi is simply the biggest monster in the Monster Association. He has five horns in his head which he can extend from any length and any direction. He is also shown having no fondness in defeat, killing the defeated monsters that have no use for the organization. He reigns through fear and is open to challenges from monsters that want to dethrone him.

There are theories that are trying to explain Orochi's origin. He could be like Garou, a former human that turned into a monster in his quest to become even more powerful. Or he could be a very weak human who has a strong will and likes to rule the world. There are some fan theories linking Orochi to the S-Class rank 1 hero Blast who has been missing for quite some time.

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Blast, due to his boredom, has become a monster to have another purpose in the world.

Orochi's power scale

Not much is known about Orochi's real power. But when scaled against past enemies, Orochi is expected to be more powerful even when pitted against Lord Boros. An example that strengthens this theory is Gouketsu. Gouketsu is a Dragon-Class monster, a level near Lord Boros and Garou's level. He was defeated by Saitama but before being defeated, he consistently implies that King Orochi is more powerful than him.

Orochi vs Saitama

Monster King Orochi is likely to be the most powerful enemy Saitama could ever face. If he can crush Dragon Class monsters with ease just like Saitama, it is safe to assume that he has the power closest to that of Saitama. He could be a God-Class monster who is able to destroy all humanity. Though he was already present in the manga, it is unlikely that he will be seen in season 2 because the next season's focus is on Garou. Perhaps, a season three would be great.