"One Piece" returns for another twenty-minute episode, although there are only about thirteen minutes of new content to be found. For those who are caught up in the manga, they should know that we are in for some sad and depressing episodes, especially when it comes to Sanji's backstory. Episode 803, entitled "The Past that He Let Go of! Vinsmoke Sanji!" is a solid entry into the franchise but one that is, as always, unbearably slow. Honestly, the only worthwhile development happens in the last three to four minutes of the episode.


Nami vs Cracker

"One Piece" episode 803 begins with Nami trying to buy time until Luffy recovers from the aftermath of using fourth gear. The navigator of the Straw Hats pirates rarely ever is given an opportunity to fight, as her character is written to be somewhat of a coward, so it can be fun whenever she brings out her Clima-tact.

Unfortunately, this section, which takes up the entire first half of the episode, is quite dull. Nami is never given an opportunity to actually challenge Cracker, so the viewer is just left waiting for Luffy to arrive and save the day.

It is fine that not every character is overpowered, but by the end, Nami turned into a damsel in distress. The animation was extremely stiff for this battle as well, especially when Nami was blocking Cracker's attacks with her Clima-tact.

Sanji's heartbreaking childhood

Oda is the master of back stories. "One Piece" is filled with heartbreaking flash backs that greatly enhance that person's characterization. Their history also impacts on the way they behave through the series, as we are seeing with Sanji.


The importance he places on cooking and his relationship with women is directly impacted by his tragic childhood.

Sanji and his siblings were engineered to be more than human. Their blood was enhanced so they could possess super human strength and remove any emotions. In other words, they are super-soldiers. For some reason, the mutation failed with Sanji and he ended up being a normal human being. Deciding to blame it on his son, Vinsmoke declares Sanji dead and locks him away in the dungeon. He is even forced to wear a mask, so nobody will recognize him.

This is where the episode ends and it offers a great lead up to the next entry. Hopefully, they focus entirely on Sanji's past and do not waste half the episode following Luffy and Cracker's fight. The animation has been pretty poor lately, although they might just be saving it up for a special occasion.