"One Piece" is back for another slow-paced adventure with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats. Continuing from where episode 801 left off, this week's entry centers on the aftermath of the fight between Luffy and Cracker and expands further on Germa 66's background. The title, "An Angry Sanji! The Secret of Germa 66!" promises at least one incredible revelation.

Luffy is out of fuel

The leader of the Straw Hats is currently out of commission, as he suffers the side effects of turning on fourth gear. As he was unable to defeat cracker before the timer ran out, this placed him and Nami in a dire situation. The navigator is a capable fighter in her own right, but she does not possess the strength to challenge Big Moma's official in a confrontation.


The duo's only hope is to buy time, so Nami strong arms some of Big Moma's forest minions so they can hide Luffy and make a run for it. She even sends a handful of time to attack Cracker, which proves to be rather pointless.

Honestly, these scenes are dull to watch, despite some humorous moments due to Nami's aggressive nature. Unfortunately, this type of comedy has been a staple of the character since "One Piece" started, so it has been done to death. She works best when interacting with other members of the crew, not with a few generic creatures.

Germa 66's plan

Episode 802's selling point was, obviously, centered on Sanji and his interactions with Germa 66. As suggested by the title, the curtain was opened to show us what the organization has been up to.

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The huge revelation is that Germa 66's strength in their knowledge on how to create a clone army. With Doctor Vegapunk, they developed a means to duplicate the genetic makeup of an individual and create enough copies to supply an entire army.

It was also suggested that the World Government is using this research to create their own biological monstrosities. As one would expect, Sanji's reaction was filled with anger and further fueled the resentment held towards his family.


"One Piece" delivered a strong episode in terms of story, one which raised the stakes for the current arc while simultaneously fleshing out the universe. Unfortunately, the animation was terrible this week. Every single frame felt cheap, with barely any movement or excitement.


It took what should have been a devastating moment and reduced it to something akin to a Saturday morning cartoon. In terms of the plot, this revelation was world shattering but it certainly did not feel that way.