"#One Piece" has skipped the 800 episode mark. Love or hate it that is an impressive feat worthy of anyone's praise. The #anime is currently adapting one of the best arcs in the manga in years but how does it stack up to the source material?

Luffy vs. Biscuit comes to a conclusion

Episode 108 starts off by returning to the fight between Luffy and Biscuit. Luffy is in fourth gear and struggling to find away past Biscuit's army of confectionery warriors. Realizing that he has to take out all of them in one sweep, the leader of the Straw Hats prepares to unleash his most devastating move but ends up deflating just before delivering the final blow to Biscuit.

In general, this fight has been mediocre. Biscuit is an okay character, but the confrontation lasted way too long and failed to go anywhere. After awhile, watching Luffy mow down one identical soldier after another got incredibly boring. On the plus side, it should make for a decent stage in the next "One Piece: Pirate Warriors" game.

Sanji is trapped

#Sanji defends a maid before almost retaliating against his family and the proposed wedding to Pudding. Unfortunately, it is revealed that if he does not go through with the marriage, the Baratie restaurant will be attacked and Zeff killed. Apparently, this stops the hot headed cook in his tracks.

"One Piece" is known for its lengthy and emotional back stories and the next section proved no exception. We are taken back in time to when Sanji first met Zeff when he was still a small child.

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Although the flashback does not contain any huge revelations, it does show how Zeff lost his leg and why Sanji is so attached to the old chef.

Sanji has always been kind of underdeveloped as a crew member, as this is the first time he is the focus of an arc. He has a handful of cool moments sprinkled throughout most arcs, but "One Piece" has struggled to give him anything to do since the time-skip. This arc showed just how far ahead Oda likes to plan his stories and that, sometimes, good things come to those that wait.

What is in store for episode 802?

The flashback was concluded by the end of episode 801, so we are back to the present next week. The preview highlighted the Big Moma pirates and that some revelations might be in store for the upcoming episode. Things are slowly escalating and, if it follows the pacing of the manga, we should be in for one thrilling ride from here. Overall, this was not a fantastic episode but another decent entry into "One Piece."