After taking a one-week hiatus, Eiichiro Oda is finally back with a new chapter of the #One Piece manga series. The ongoing Whole Cake Island Arc may have reached its climax but the author has dubbed this new chapter as the super climax because of the Straw Hats going up against Big Mom once again just after they crashed her daughter’s party and created a huge ruckus to save Sanji Vinsmoke.

The latest chapter of “One Piece” immediately picks up where the last chapter left off with Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin, catching up to King Baum, Luffy, and the rest of the Straw Hats who were attempting to get away from her wrath and to escape Whole Cake Island.

King Baum killed by Big Mom?

In the previous chapter of the said manga series, Charlotte Perospero lied to Big Mom and told her that the Straw Hats stole the spare wedding cake. Perospero had to lie to his mother because they had to stop her food tantrum otherwise she’ll destroy the entire island and also so that they can convince her to join the pursuit of capturing Capone Bege and the Straw Hats.

In “One Piece” chapter 874, Linlin caught up immediately to King Baum and demanded Luffy to give her the other wedding cake they allegedly stole. Luffy, who didn’t have any idea what she was talking about, didn’t bother to stop.

King Baum, who was forced into helping the Straw Hats because of the Vivre Card that Nami threatened him with, fled with his life on the line. Name reminded him that he had to survive so he can go back to his girlfriend, even if it meant going up against Big Mom.

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However, King Baum suffered severe damage when Big Mom pierced him with a devastating attack. The Straw Hats were able to fend off Zeus for a while with Nami’s tricks but Linlin’s other homie, Prometheus, came out of nowhere and dealt the finishing blow, burning King Baum to ashes and blowing away the Straw Hats, stopping them in their tracks.

Pudding to save Sanji?

It wouldn’t be a new chapter of “One Piece” if there wasn’t a twist and the latest chapter featured Charlotte Pudding’s possible real feelings for Sanji. The two were arranged, mainly forced by their parents, to marry each other and somehow during their last moments together before their wedding ceremony, they were able to bond.

In the previous chapter, Pudding volunteered to make the spare wedding cake for Big Mom and she needed her sister, Chiffon’s help in making it. In “One Piece” Chapter 874, Pudding finally caught up to Chiffon who was in the middle of escaping with her husband, Capone Bege.

It was then revealed that Pudding’s ulterior motive was to save Sanji and the Straw Hats, hinting that the young Charlotte has actually fallen for her runaway groom. Pudding begged Chiffon to help her make the wedding cake otherwise Big Mom won’t stop and she will surely end up killing the Straw Hats. #One Piece chapter 874 #anime