Another Saturday means another exciting episode of "My Hero Academia" While last weeks episode was a decent anime-original episode, this week fans got an episode that, while not super exciting, did reveal some important information regarding All-Might, his quirk one-for-all, and the story behind the villain named All For One.

Everyone has returned to U.A from their internships. Bakugo found his internship to be a waste of time, Uraraka has "awakened," and Mineta was actually scarred from his time with Mt. Lady. Of course, he is still a complete scumbag despite his experience so he hasn't changed much. While it was very nice to see all of the students back together, the main highlight of this episode came after class training when All-Might pulls Midoriya away to chat and he reveals some shocking information.


We learn that All Might's quirk was derived from another quirk

Before the quick one for all came into being, a quirk called all for one existed. All Might explains that this quirk "could steal quirks from others and make them the holders." The very idea of this quirk sounds incredibly powerful and reminds me a lot of Blackbeard's powers from One Piece. All Might goes further to state that there was a person with the ability to steal quirks from other people whose name was All For One. All For One went to spread these quirks to those he trusted, creating his own army of villains. However, All For One also had a sickly younger brother who was supposedly quirkless like Deku once was. So the older brother passed on a quirk that could stock power and he did this either out of sympathy for his younger brother or through force.

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It turns out that the younger brother wasn't quirkless at all and he actually had a quirk that allowed him to pass on quirks to others too. "The quirk to stock power mixed with the Quirk to pass on Quirks. That was the origin of One for All," according to All Might.

One for all was eventually passed on to All Might

The younger brother couldn't defeat the symbol of evil so he instead passed on his power to later generations in the hopes that one of them could defeat his older brother. Eventually, All Might received the quirk one for all and was able to defeat All For One. However, All For One survived and is now leading the league of villains and creating the Nomus that have been terrorizing Japan.


All Might tells Deku that he will have to be ready to face this evil man no matter how harsh it gets. Deku immediately exclaims that he will, but All Might knows that Deku is still too naive.

The final scene of this conversation is particularly worrisome. All Might tries to tell Deku something but isn't able to get the words out. Instead, All Might's thinks to himself that he will not be by Deku's side for much longer. What All-Might means by this is vague and it could mean several different things. However, what I think this means is that All Might's injuries from his fight with All For One are either slowly killing him or taking away his power. This means he will either die or become unable to be the Symbol Of Peace for much longer. If All For One were to learn that the symbol of peace was gone then his plans to take over Japan would be that much easier.

Needless to say, our heroes are in trouble.

The last scene of the episode shows All For One in his lair, all hooked up to tubes with part of his face practically gone from his battle with All Might. All For One goes on about how important the current leader of the league of villains is and how he will become the next "me." It appears that All For One intends to pass on his quirk(s) to Shigaraki and make him the next All For One. It would make sense since All For One has been giving Shigaraki all of these Nomus to terrorize Japan. Needless to say, "My Hero Academia" has dark plans for its villains in the next several arcs.

Overall, this episode successfully sets up what is to come. It establishes a brand new dangerous villain that Deku will have to train hard to overcome. It's basic good versus evil storytelling, but the way it's told and the fear established by the show is what makes this episode truly special. My only hope is that this new villain doesn't end up becoming a disposable villain like the ones from Naruto. Those villains, while excellent, were eventually replaced by another villain each becoming less interesting than the last until we were left with one of the blandest villains in all of anime. "My Hero Academia" has done a lot right so let's hope they can get its villains right.