"My Hero #Academia" is starting to become the next "Naruto." It features a main character with endless ambition in a world where everyone has some kind of ability unique to their character. The show has a diverse cast of interesting and well fleshed out side characters, and the show features some of the best-directed action scenes in recent history. Of course, "My Hero Academia" is still vastly different and arguably better than "Naruto." One of those reasons is because it produces filler episodes that are entertaining.

'Everyone's Internships' sticks to the strengths of the show.

After the successful arrest of Hero Killer Stain, our heroes Midoriya, Todoroki, and Lida all go their separate ways.

The rest of the #episode follows the various U.A. Students in their internships. Bakugo is still struggling to fit into his internship with Best Jeanist, Urakaka is pushing herself to be stronger with Gunhead, and Froppy is doing her best to be a great hero with Captain Selkie.

Since this is an anime-original episode there isn't much progression in terms of the overall plot of "My Hero Academia." However, I still enjoyed this episode a lot for developing its side characters, particularly Froppy. The side characters in My Hero Academia are one of its strongest assets because they all have something interesting, likable or relatable about them. Whether it's Bakugo and his fierce rivalry with Deku to Todoroki and his troubled past, "My Hero Academia" knows exactly what it wants to do with its characters and doesn't waste time throwing them away.

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Froppy may not be my favorite character in the series and this episode didn't change that, but I can say that I have become a bigger fan of hers thanks to this episode. The moment that really made her character stand out was her role in the end. Without giving away too much, Froppy ends up having to make a difficult decision that helped her realize what being a hero truly means. It wasn't the most compelling moment in the series, but it helps give Froppy's character some progression.

While this episode was quite good it doesn't hold a candle to the previous episodes or the episodes centered on the League of Villains and their attack at U.A. The episode did its job and succeeded, but only that.

Additionally, the show shouldn't get carried away by this episode and start making a bunch of filler episodes involving all of the students. The last thing I want to see is an episode centered around Minoru Mineta and his internship with Mt. Lady. Thankfully, the preview for the next episode reveals that it will be centered on more important things than that.

'My Hero Academia' doesn't let filler drag it down.

"My Hero Academia" shows that it can have filler episodes that don't get in the way of what made the show fantastic. This episode accomplished its objective and it was incredibly entertaining. While I'm more interested in what's to come, this was still satisfying enough.