The latest episode of the new season ofMy Hero Academia,” -- which is also known as Boku No Hero Academia -- has finally aired. The new episode reveals the aftermath of the hero’s plight against the Hero Killer, Stain and the consequences of that dreadful night.

In last week’s episode of the “My Hero Academia” Season 2, Izuku Midoriya, Iida Tenya, and Shouto Todoroki teamed up to fight the notorious Hero Killer, who goes by the name Stain. The three aspiring heroes were able to defeat Stain while the professional heroes were able to subdue the Nomus running amok in Hosu City before they could cause any more damage.

Hero Killer’s effect on society

Shortly after getting defeated by the young hero students, Stain saved Izuku’s life when the latter was abducted by a flying Nomu. However, the breakthrough of that event is Stain's declaration that he will only be defeated by All Might and that he would continue his violent advocacy against new heroes who only do it for the money and fame.

Because Izuku, Shouto, and Tenya’s actions violated the code of heroes when they fought Stain, they agreed to the police’s plan to keep their involvement a secret and make it appear as if Shouto’s father, Enji Todoroki defeated the Hero Killer instead. The whole world may not know of their participation in apprehending Stain but they were acknowledged by their mentors.

Meanwhile, Stain’s violent stage in Hosu City drew the attention of the most unlikely beings. His words and principles led villains who share his sentiments to join the organization that Stain was linked to when he was defeated by the heroes.

League of Villains on the move

Tomura Shigaraki was actually not impressed at all that Stain has been getting all the credit for the attack on Huso City. Shigaraki's furious that the newspaper headlines all covered the Hero Killer while his precious Nomus were essentially disregarded.

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However, Shigaraki still has to thank Stain because the latter inspired a lot of villains to join the organization just when it was on the brink of going down. After the horrific events, the League of Villains saw a drastic loss of members but Stain’s speech inspired others to become part of the League of Villains.

Though Stain has been placed behind bars, Gran Torino and All Might have doubts that the peace will last and they suspect that the League of Villains is set to wreak more havoc. Stain’s capture and the incident in Hosu City put things in place, so the league can finally make a move.