The latest chapter of My Hero Academia,” also known asBoku No Hero Academia,” has just been released and it picks up immediately where the previous chapter left off. Mirio Togata faces off with the leader of the Eight Precepts of Death as well as two others in his attempt to save Eri from her evil father.

“My Hero Academia” chapter 150 features a whole chapter on the young Mirio Togata, who heroically went off alone to pursue Overhaul and Eri amidst the fight between the heroes and the villains.

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It focuses on Mirio’s encounter with the Eight Precepts of Death as they attempt to flee the scene of the crime.

Mirio's quirk revealed

In the earlier chapters of "My Hero Academia," it was shown that a group composed of professional heroes and students aspiring to be heroes were gathered for a special secret mission. The mission was to infiltrate Overhaul's hideout, save Eri, and put a stop to his illegal activities.

Overhaul has been wreaking havoc in the city lately as he has been illegally distributing special drugs that could stop any quirks. This has alarmed the heroes and raised more concern when it was revealed that Overhaul has been making these drugs by using his young daughter's body.

Shortly after barging into Overhaul's headquarters, the heroes and the police were ambushed by some members of the Eight Precepts of Death as well as from the Eight Expendables, who were waiting for the heroes to arrive. Mirio took this chance to stray from the chaos and follow Overhaul and Eri instead.

Mirio caught up with Overhaul and some of his goons and this feat surprised and even impressed the villains. The aspiring student revealed that his quirk called Permeation enables him to go through practically anything, which helped him head straight to Overhaul despite the chaos.

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Lemillion's weakness

Mirio, who goes by the hero name Lemillion, had to go up against two members of the Eight Expendables before he could get to Overhaul and Eri. Deidoro Sakaki and Shin Nemoto teamed up to put down Mirio before he could get a chance to take away Eri. Sakaki used his Dead Drunk quirk to put Mirio off balance and Nemoto used his Spitting the Truth quirk against the young hero to sway his principles, taking that chance to put a bullet right through him. However, despite using Mirio's weakness against him, the young hero surprisingly overcame Sakaki and Nemoto's attacks. He explained that the two villains' quirks were useless against him because he was already well aware of that weakness for a long time.

Shortly after immobilizing the two Expendables, Mirio headed straight to where Overhaul and Eri were. However, instead of going for Overhaul, Mirio kicked Overhaul's assistant, Chronostasis to get to Eri. "My Hero Academia" chapter 150 ended with Mirio successfully taking Eri but he has yet to make an escape. Lemillion's future doesn't look bright in the upcoming chapter since he's left to deal with two members of the Eight Precepts of Death.