The new chapter of the original manga seriesMy Hero Academia,” which is also referred to as “Boku No Hero Academia,” has been released and this time it highlights the other side of the story. The new chapter focuses on the villains, specifically two characters from the League of Villains.

Overhaul’s plans

“Boku no Hero Academia” chapter 149 takes readers to the stories of two villains named Twice and Himiko Toga. The two are members of the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad and they joined the Yakuza under their leader, Tomura Shigaraki’s orders.

Shortly after joining the dying Yakuza, Himiko and Twice met immediately with the group’s leader, Chisaki and the rest of the known members of his organization.


Chisaki is also known as Overhaul, who is the feared leader of the Eight Precepts of Death.

During their meeting with the two new recruits from the League of Villains, Overhaul apologizes for the death of Magne, who attacked Overhaul because he didn’t want to be one of the yakuza’s underlings. With that said, Overhaul emphasized that he doesn’t care about grudges and what matters is that they all work together towards one goal.

In the previous chapter of “My Hero Academia,” it was revealed that Overhaul’s ultimate goal was to revive the yakuza, which was left to shambles after All Might came into the picture to eradicate the root cause of evil. It also revealed that Overhaul’s illegal activities of selling special drugs that could stop quirks was actually a way for him to gain enough money to help the yakuza live once again.

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The villains’ quirks

Of course, Overhaul also pointed out that in order for them work harmoniously with the two new recruits from the League of Villains, they have to reveal their quirks. He explained that this was to make sure they can coordinate with each other when push comes to shove.

Himiko and Twice declined to reveal their quirks simply because they didn’t like the yakuza. However, they suddenly blurted out their quirks against their will and it was revealed later on in the manga series that it was Shin Nemoto from the Eight Precepts of Deaths who have been pulling the strings to make them talk.

Twice revealed that his quirk is called Double, which allows him to copy anything, two at a time, with just a simple touch but he pointed out, he cannot make a copy of himself and he didn’t know why.


Meanwhile, Himiko has the quirk called Transform, which enables her to shapeshift into anyone simply by consuming her target’s blood.

Shortly after revealing their quirks, the Eight Precepts of Death asked the recruits if their leader, Shigaraki, had any intention of betraying them. With the use of Nemoto’s quirk, they admitted and assured them that Shigaraki wasn’t going to betray anyone of them.