The latest chapter of the ongoing #My Hero Academia manga series is finally out and it revealed Overhaul’s real plans. Otherwise known as#Boku No Hero Academia,” the new chapter delves into the reason why Overhaul has made move all of a sudden.

A few chapters ago, Izuku Midoriya and some other hero interns joined a handful of professional heroes on a secret mission to save Eri and to stop Overhaul’s drug scheme. The covert mission kicked off as planned with the police teaming up with the heroes to subdue Overhaul and his goons but nothing prepared the heroes with what Overhaul has actually planned for them.

In the previous chapters of “My Hero Academia” manga series, Midoriya ran into Eri and noticed that she was being held captive by Overhaul, who is also known as Chisaki. It has been revealed then that Eri’s blood is being used by Overhaul to create a drug called Quick-Destroying Bullets that can easily deactivate an individual’s quirk.

Overhaul’s plans

The heroes presumed that Chisaki was making a move to put a stop to the heroes but “My Hero Academia” Chapter 148 finally revealed the villain's real intentions. He was actually making the quirk-destroying drugs to make enough money so he can revive the yakuza.

Chisaki is already a member of the yakuza and he is also the current leader of the Eight Precepts of Death that is a small group of yakuza. The said organization used to rule the underworld with various and immense illicit businesses.

However, as soon as the top hero, All Might rose to prominence, the yakuza crumbled and though most of them were not arrested, they were forced to live a life under surveillance. Yakuza is described to be a dying species but Overhaul wants to bring back the glory to the organization.

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League of Villains up to something?

Meanwhile, the heroes are still fighting Overhaul’s goon as well as the League of Villains that have joined them in the Overhaul's cause. Sir Nighteye gets into a sticky situation when Mimic, also known as Joi Irinaka is suddenly enraged for having to put up with Twice and Himiko’s constant taunting.

The two League of Villains members weren’t actually psyched that they had to join a tedious cause and the new chapter leads the readers to a flashback, explaining how Twice and Himiko ended up being with the Eight Precepts of Death. The league loathed the eight because they killed one of their own and even chopped of Atsuhiro Sako’s arm.

The league’s acting leader, Tomura Shigaraki actually asked the two to join the precept’s fight for his sake and theirs. The recent chapter ended by going back to Mimic unleashing more of his power out of anger, threatening to crush the heroes as well as the villains caught in his way. #My Hero Academia chapter 148