Viewers can expect to see a range of emotions from Lucifer when it comes to Chloe Decker. According to show star Tom Ellis, fans can expect to see the worst in the devil in “Luciferseason 3.

We have seen Lucifer angry, happy, sweet but mostly flirtatious towards the detective in the past seasons. We have seen the devil turn into a softie when it comes to Chloe Decker (Lauren German). The immortal even becomes vulnerable (he bleeds) when around the detective. However, what we have not really seen is a jealous Lucifer. Well, fans are in for a treat since this happens in the upcoming season.


Someone brings out the worst in the devil

Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, said that someone new in Chloe’s life brings out the jealousy in Lucifer. This person forms a connection with the detective, which the Lord Of Darkness does not like. “Obviously, when someone comes into the fold and makes [Chloe] look in a different direction, one can only imagine how that affects Lucifer and his envy and jealousy and all the other bad things that he's made up of," Ellis told TV Guide.

Who brings out the devil in Lucifer in Season 3?

So who is this person who becomes the devil’s competition for Chloe’s affection? In “Lucifer” Season 3 Chloe forms an instant romantic connection with newcomer Lieutenant Marcus Pierce.

Of course, hell’s former ruler does not approve. In the first place, he thinks that he and Chloe already share a very special bond. So when another person comes along and threatens to break the connection they shared, Lucifer feels threatened. Worse, he becomes jealous. Ellis said that the devil finds it strange since “Lucifer is not used to having any sort of competition, certainly on the sexual front.”

Who is Lieutenant Marcus Pierce?

“Smallville” star Tom Welling will play Lieutenant Marcus Pierce in “Lucifer” Season 3.


Pierce is the total opposite of the devil. He is well-respective, strategic and reserved. However, he and the Lord of Darkness also share similar traits. They are both charismatic and charming. It is no wonder why Chloe instantly finds him appealing, much to the devil’s chagrin.

It would be interesting to see the tables turned this time, with Lucifer showing signs of jealousy. We already saw what Chloe is like when she is envious. She becomes suspicious and inquisitive. It is a wonder what the devil is like when he sees the detective flirt with someone else.