The latest episode of “Knight’s & Magic” has finally been released and it as action-packed as it previous episodes. The recent episode takes fans to a fight between a huge demon and humans as the demon threatens to attack Alfheim.

Threat at Alfheim

“Knight’s & Magic” episode 8 immediately picks up from where the previous episode left off, with a mysterious female being detecting a huge force threatening to attack. On that day, the announcement was immediately made at Schreiber Castle and it even disrupted the king’s conference.

The announcement turned out to be a top secret message from the Alchusaile Gap Fortress, informing the king and his subordinates about a huge horde of shell-cased demons heading straight for Fremevilla, which is the most secret and inviolate place in Alfheim.


The Aruvans and the Guardian Knights immediately established a defensive position to fend off the demons and defend Alfheim to the death.

It was revealed in the episode that the shell-cased demon is a certain type of demon beast that has a body that is covered in a huge shell. Just like an army of ants or a swarm of bees, the shell-cased demon also has a queen that does the breeding.

Ernesti joins the fight

Shortly after the announcement at the castle, the Order of the Silver Phoenix also received classified information about the impending attack against Alfheim. After revealing that the Alfheim is the place where the precious Ether Reactors of their nation are made, Ernesti was in a rage and they stepped up to fight the demon beasts will everything they have.


As explained in the previous episodes, an Ether Reactor is essential because it the device that enables the Silhouette Knight to come to life. It takes in ether from the air and turns this into mana, which is practically the heart of a Silhouette Knight.

The shell-cased demon beasts' sudden attack on Fremmevilla puts the whole nation at risk and if the secret village gets destroyed, it will mean the nation will cease to have the ability to create Silhouette Knights forever.

Attack on Fremmevilla

The shell-cased beasts are headed straight into Fremmevilla and despite the full force of the Guardian Knights, their numbers are not enough to fend off thousands of demons. Fortunately, Erensti and the rest of the Order of the Silver Phoenix arrive just in time to save the day.


The new order boasted another set of new Silhouette Knights that were deadly and effective in battle, easily defeating the shell-cased demons and lessening their numbers in a short time. The former king, Ambrosius, joined the battle as well and commanded Ernesti to leave the front lines to them so he and the twins could look for the queen and defeat it.

The three young knight runners headed to the forest and were immediately greeted by an attack from a huge shell-cased demon that was as big as the behemoth demon revealed in the previous episode of the anime series. Their coordinated attacks eventually helped them in taking down the queen and defeating an entire army of shell-cased demons.