The latest episode of “Knight’s & Magic” has been released and it revealed the Order of the Silver Phoenix going into battle to save Alfheim from a demon attack. Shortly after the battle, Ernesti was finally given what he has been asking for since the day he started making robots.

Ernesti’s wish

In the new episode of “Knight’s & Magic,” the former king finally gave what Ernesti has been wishing for since day one. After making new robots and defeating the queen of the shell-cased demons as well as the behemoth, Ambrosius believed that Ernesti had earned the right to learn the secrets behind the making of Ether Reactors.

As promised in the beginning of the anime series, the old king finally gave Ernesti the permission to learn the secrets of Ether Reactor’s construction method but he can only learn them once he goes to Alfheim village. The ambassador, after granting Ernesti entrance to the village, has taken the liberty of bringing him to the village.


Alfheim village and its secret

As soon as they reached the gate of the Alfheim village, the ambassador informed them that any form of weapons were forbidden so Ernesti had to seal his weapons to get past the checkpoints. The young ambassador also turned out to be an 87-year old Alv

The Alvs are descendants of the Secret Ones and they are the ones who pass on the ways of magic and skill. Their kind lives in quiet places like Alfheim because they don’t have much to do in their 500-year life span and the ones who act as ambassadors are also the bridges to the Changing Ones, which are the human beings, in the outside world.

Ernesti and his escorts earned an audience with the Alvs’ leader, Great Elder Kitley. She was the one who foresaw the shell-cased attack and informed the king about it. After putting in a good word from Ambrosius, Kitley finally gave in and allowed Ernesti to learn the secrets of an Ether Reactor.


How to make an Ether Reactor

“Knight’s & Magic” episode 8 revealed what the Ether Reactor really is and how it’s made. Apparently, the heart of a living thing is housed at its core, which is called the catalyst crystal, and it is where it gets it power by absorbing the ether in the air around it and transforming it into mana.

The catalyst crystals can be obtained from demon beasts and the power differs in every beast. Nowadays, they also use alchemy to create an elixir or artificial blood that is used in the making of the Ether Reactors.

Aside from the catalyst crystals, they also need the script, which is an incantation to carve on the pulse of life in the reactor. Though Alvs are the only ones who can make Ether Reactors, the genius Ernesti found a way around this and used the hearts of the defeated behemoth and the queen of the shell-cased demons to create two new Ether Reactors for his new personal Silhouette Knight.