James Bond returns to cinemas soon, and fans are excited knowing that Daniel Craig will be playing the lead role once again. Craig even apologized for lying during his past interviews saying that he will not be reprising his role.

Daniel Craig confirms he is reprising ‘James Bond’ role

In his appearance on CBS TV's “The Late Show,” he revealed who is going to play the "James Bond" lead role. After days of denying to the public that he would contribute to the spy series’ return, Daniel Craig finally revealed the truth saying that he actually is playing the lead role for the 25th series of "James Bond."

The “James Bond” actor shook hands with Stephen Colbert when he appeared on the show.

Colbert even calls him the greatest actor to play Bond. When he was asked if he will ever play Bond again, Craig answered yes, then said that he had to apologize to the people whom he had lied to about it. Craig wanted to keep his role as a surprise, as they are still working on the story as well.

Craig's controversial statement about his role as Agent 007

Craig has played the Agent 007 role four times. He played the “James Bond” lead role in the 2006 “Casino Royale,” back in 2008 he starred in “Quantum of Solace,” in 2012 he starred in “Skyfall” and in 2015, “Spectre.” Despite the successful movie franchise, he created a controversy in 2015 after his last shooting day for the 2015 series when he said that he would rather slash his wrist than to play Bond again.

Craig also apologized to the public and producers of the show through a short statement. In his statement, he wanted to say sorry because of how he handled the information about his role in the upcoming movie. Craig explained that if he is going, to tell the truth, he might as well tell everyone about it, “I just want to go out on a high note, and I cannot wait,” he stated.

When asked about his controversial thoughts, the British actor said that he would not want to make excuses about his statement, yet he immediately apologized after that awkward interview which took place after they wrapped up the 2015 "James Bond" movie.

Sony and Eon Pictures announced that another Bond movie will return to the big screens this year.

The producers of the franchise were silent about the cast members and the storyline. Even Craig’s camp remained silent until he was interviewed recently.

Daniel Craig is still playing “James Bond” in the upcoming movie, despite the controversial statement he uttered.