Sylvester Stallone has been preparing us for the return of Ivan Drago for over a month, and it is now confirmed that Dolph Lundgren is going to be in the sequel. Dolph Lundgren posted a new video on Instagram with his training to get in shape for his role in the upcoming movie. The actor has a starring role in the famous DC movie 'Aquaman' that is currently filming, but he still manages to find time to go to the gym in order to get into Ivan Drago shape again. Despite all that, everyone is waiting for a clear statement from Sylvester Stallone or Dolph Lundgren, saying that the rumors and the spoilers are real.

In this video we can see Lundgren getting pumped up for something big:

Lundgren answers questions for 'Creed 2'

That short training video was enough to shake some Rocky fans, especially the caption that Lundgren wrote for his video: "Getting ready for something big!'' He also put tags Sylvester Stallone, Ivan Drago, and "Creed 2." We still don't know exactly what Ivan Drago's part in the "Creed" sequel will be, but let's not forget what Dolph Lundgren said to a reporter about "Creed 2" last year: ''Drago's son would kill Creed's son...Literally''. Check this video to find out his whole answer:

Sylvester Stallone has recently said that he is going to throw at least one punch to Drago, so we guess it is going to be from trainer to trainer.

Even if it won't be in the ring, that scene is going to be unforgettable, according to Stallone.

Will Ryan Coogler come back?

We don't know exactly when "Creed 2" is going to be released or when the production is going to get underway, but we certainly know that the script is ready. The shootings will probably start when Sylvester Stallone finishes his new movie with Jackie Chan.

It seems likely that Drago's son fighting Adonis Creed in the ring will be the main plot of "Creed 2."

Another issue seems to be director Ryan Coogler's schedule. He is currently busy directing the Marvel movie "The Black Panther," but the movie will come out in February, so he will probably be free after that. Ryan Coogler did a great job directing the first "Creed" movie, so this may be a reason why Sylvester Stallone is still waiting.

That means we might see "Creed 2" filming next year when "Escape Plan 2: Hade's" shootings are over. At last, let's see all Ivan Drago pictures that Dolph Lundgren shared a short time ago on his Facebook page from his training and his appearance in "Rocky IV":