Since his unexpected appearance in chapter 40, Zeno sama has become a character with much participation in the history of Dragon Ball super, mainly due to his good relationship with the mortal, Goku. However, Zeno keeps incredible secrets and is one of the most interesting characters in this story.

On several occasions, it has been mentioned that the king of all can not die, nor can he be defeated. It is logical to think that Zeno is the most powerful being that has ever existed because of the incredible things we have watched him do and the way the characters speak of him. However, on many occasions and in different scenes, that same Zeno that he may not be Invincible, possibly having many weaknesses.


The power of Zeno

First, we will analyze the power of his character. The king of all has unlimited power, for his greatest quality is to be able to destroy or create when and where he sees fit. In essence, his power is only limited by his own imagination, being able to destroy or create from any scale from the small to the grand.

This incredible ability seems to have no weakness because his power lies in his imagination, if Zeno is in danger he should only wish to leave this situation for the danger to end. However, in previous episodes, we have been given very interesting information about Zeno, which could confirm that he is not invincible.

The weaknesses of Zeno

In Chapter 104 Zeno had many complaints because he could not enjoy the fight between Hit and Dyspo. The quick attacks of the Rabbit of Universe 11 were impossible to see for the king of all. After this, Daishinkan downloads a new application to the God Pad, in which Zeno can watch the battle in slow motion.

This tells us that an attack like that of Dyspo, which runs beyond the speed of sound, would be impossible for Zeno to stop. Despite his incredible abilities, if he can not see an attack, he could be beaten by the Opponent.


On the other hand, prior to the public battles that took place between universes 9 and 7, Zeno of the future questioned what was the tournament of power, to which his present-day counterpart mentions that it is a tournament where different warriors fight each other. This leads us to believe that Zeno does not possess such power and that his strength lies only in an incredible and magical ability. He does not seem to possess a strong fighting power like the gods of destruction, the angels, and the other mortal characters.

In conclusion, hand to hand combat against a warrior with abilities like those of Dyspo and Zeno would have caused big problems, which is why we ruled out him being invincible.

Of course, this analysis is pure speculation since it has been reiterated many times that Zeno can not die. Perhaps even if he is attacked it would not matter because his body can not be destroyed.