Gwen Stefani has been busy launching her new eyewear products and spending time with her kids over the summer. In her recent interview with E! News, she talked about the possibility of joiningAmerican Idol” because she won’t be back for the next season of “The Voice.”

On “American Idol”

E! News’ Catt Sandler had Stefani for the press preview of her L.A.M.B. and gx by Gwen Stefani collections when she was asked about joining “American Idol” as a panelist. Stefani said she does not know and has not thought about joining the show. She did say that “The Voice” producers told her they are a family and she hopes to be part of the show again in the future.

Katy Perry was confirmed to be part of “American Idol” and she revealed with Entertainment Tonight that she would love to have Charlie Puth and Lionel Richie as her co-judges. The reboot of the reality show will air on ABC and the 32-year-old “Roar” singer caught up with the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” Perry said she would most probably be the Simon Cowell of the bunch. She then revealed that he would love to have Richie because he is an icon and she has never met him. As for why she wants Puth to work with her, she thinks the male singer is interesting because he is “someone new to the general public of America.”

On her boys and music

Stefani has three children with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

She said she had a “really good summer” because she spent most of her time with them.

As for her music, she revealed that she loves being creative but she also loves not doing anything. She did not reveal further plans as to what is up next for her after the successful year she has had when she released her new album.

Blake Shelton, Stefani going strong

Blake Shelton and Stefani started dating when they were both judges on “The Voice.” The two went through the same thing because they got divorced from their partners and they got together after. They have been together for almost two years now and Stefani said amid the claims of the tabloids and gossip columns that they are experiencing trouble in paradise, that they are still going strong.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that they are taking things slow and everything has been smooth sailing for them. For the marriage rumors, the source told the publication that they are not talking about it but they talk about being together for the rest of their lives.

The children of Stefani reportedly love Shelton as they think he is really cool. He has been going out on trips with the boys since he and Stefani started dating.