Dakota Johnson has been eyed up by a lot of women, not only because of her perfect portrayal of Anastasia Steele in the “Fifty Shades” trilogy but also because of her perfect skin. The 27-year-old star, fortunately, revealed her secrets to a flawless, white skin.

Melanie Griffith’s daughter revealed that she is just using a “very minimalist skin regime.” Although she has the capacity to buy every expensive product on the market, she admitted that she is not a fan of complicated skin care routine.

Johnson’s skin care routine

In an interview with Glamour (via Belfast Telegraph), Dakota Johnson revealed that she has the simplest skin care routine ever.

She told Glamour that washing her face in the morning and at night, and putting moisturizer is part of her daily routine. She, too, uses sunscreen every day during the day.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress then revealed that she is now into using Lancer products. She also unveiled that she is avoiding using makeup if she is not filming any movies. When she has to go out with some friends on her free days, she just uses a little concealer, lip stains, and mascara.

Dakota Johnson even uses the beauty tip her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, gave her. Her grandma advised her to hold her mirror down low whenever she is putting her mascara on. By looking downward, she will get the most coverage from her lashes’ base to the tips.

The actress’ signature scent

Moreover, Dakota Johnson also talked about the beauty essentials she has inside her bag. It includes eye drops and, of course, a bottle of her own Gucci Bloom perfume.

The “Black Mass” star is now the new face of the aforementioned fragrance, which is composed of tuberose and jasmine. It even has the rare flower that can only be found in South India called Rangoon Creeper.

"I prefer floral scents to ones that are musky,” she disclosed. The “A Bigger Splash” actress described her scent as something very floral. “So I love it,” she added. In fact, even her mother, Melani Griffith, has been wearing the same perfume her “entire life,” so she finds it very comforting.

Her beauty regret

Meanwhile, if Dakota Johnson has a beauty regret, it involves some of her tattoos, although she still continues to have more.

Jamie Dornan’s on-screen partner has a number of etches inked on her skin, but some of them she wishes she didn’t have. “There are a few tattoos I wish weren't on my body," she explained (via Sky News). However, as it continues to happen, she also continues to get more tattoos.