Tyrese Gibson has undergone an unknown surgery on Monday, and it has been learned that the operation lasted for three hours. In line with this, the actor has thanked all his family and fans for all the prayers as he starts to recover from the operation. A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that Gibson recently posted a photo of him on his Instagram account wherein his daughter hugged him. The 38-year old actor wrote in a caption, “When it comes down to the real stuff no one is ever there but family.”

Three-hour surgery

Earlier on Monday, Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Gibson has already confirmed that he's going to be confined to a room number 11.

Apparently, he considered this number as his lucky number. To recall, the "Fast and the Furious" actor has made series of posts on Instagram prior to his surgery. He also revealed that he was nervous as he headed off to the surgery room. Nevertheless, he still felt blessed since he felt that he was loved and prayed by his prayer warriors.

Further, according to Page Six, the actor has also asked his friends and families to pray for him. Despite his condition, Gibson still didn't confirm what his recent condition was. As he shared his recent photo online, a lot of his followers have been relieved considering that the operation went well.

Reason for surgery

As of this time, Gibson and his family have kept the reason behind his recent surgery.

Nevertheless, the actor has shared that he has appreciated all the love and prayers that were shown to him. Gibson has also written on Instagram that God has His own way of making him slow down. Basically, his recent health condition has become his wake up call in order to slow down into his career and to focus more of his time with family.

It can also be recalled that Gibson once gushed about bringing more kids into his family together with his wife, Samantha Lee. Hence, all his fans and followers are looking forward to such thing to happen.

Meanwhile, the actor has also added that when he finally recovers and stand up from the Hospital Bed, then most probably, he will be able to conquer the world this time.

On his recent Instagram post, Gibson has also given his fans a sigh of relief as he added that he is now on his way to recovery. He has also shared to his fans that his recent post will be the last one for a little while since he will focus more his time first his time to mend the wounds. Amid the surgery, Gibson has really felt how loved he was by his fans and families.