Fan expectations are running high, as the DBS universe is all set to witness one of the epic battles of Akira Toriyama's works. The survival of universe 7 is at stake, and, only Goku, their spiritual pillar, and most powerful warrior can defend the universe. Goku may be the spiritual leader of the seventh universe, but he has a tough opponent who will fight till the end to defeat the mighty Jiren The Gray.

The fight is scheduled for October 8, and official information has already been revealed. This information confirms that Goku will have a new transformation to fight this admirable warrior of justice. Before getting this transformation, Goku will fight Jiren.


The power of Goku

As you know, Goku has used the Super Saiyan Blue on multiple occasions in the tournament. Unfortunately for Goku, this transformation uses a considerable amount of stamina. With that stamina loss, the attacks of Goku will become weaker and, for this reason, it will be extremely complicated for him to achieve victory against Jiren in these conditions.

Currently, the power of Goku -- according to our calculations -- is approximately 50% of the 100% of the maximum power of Super Saiyan blue.

It should be noted that Goku can use the Kaioken, which can raise that 50%, multiplying it. Even so, we doubt it will be enough to defeat the mighty Jiren.

The great power of Jiren

Jiren's strength is a little more complicated to analyze. Currently, the only evidence of Jiren's power is the attack he used against Kale. According to our calculations, Goku used approximately 55% of the maximum power of Super Saiyan Blue against Kale with no effect. Jiren, on the other hand, used a single attack to defeat her. This leads us to deduce that half of the maximum power of Goku can do nothing against an attack from the powerful Jiren.


Jiren: The mortal who surpasses a god

Everything indicates that Jiren is the mortal who surpasses the gods of destruction. From this, it is logical to think that Goku will also overcome that power with his new transformation. Even so, this is speculative, and we are relying on the little information we have at present.

Goku is much weaker than Jiren at his current level so he will need to depend on his new transformation to defeat him. Jiren is on a level never seen before in a mortal, and Goku will have to break his own limits if he wants the seventh universe to survive.

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