The #universe 6 Saiyan counterparts are unbelievably talented and can transform into Super Saiyan forms one after the another. The Universe 6 also has characters like Frost who are in the same race as Frieza and Cooler. And as per spoilers, there are also Namekians which will represent U6 for the Tournament of Power. The ultimate question for the Universe 6 right is that, why are there no #Earthlings from the roster of their fighters [VIDEO]?

The Earth from the sister universe

Earth is the primary setting of the plots occurring in the Universe 7. This is the planet where most of the major battles happened from the early "Dragon Ball" up to "Dragon Ball Z" and now on "#Dragon Ball Super" Surely, U6 will have an Earth of their own with powerful Earthlings like Krillin, Master Roshi, and Tien Shinhan.

They would be a great addition to the Tournament of Power. But it turns out that it is not always the case.

Unlike Universe 7, the Earth of the Universe 6 has been destroyed a thousand of years ago, or at least the human civilization. The surface of the planet was plagued by so many wars that people killed each other. So instead of the Saiyans, Humans became extinct and never thrived. Though after Beerus restored the Earth of Universe 6 using the Super Dragon Balls, U6 Earth is again up and ready to evolve.

U6 Earthling in the Tournament of Power?

There is no Earthling from Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power. It can be easily explained, as other worlds had the time to advance their species. U6 Earthlings are just recovering, and no fighters such as Hit and Cabba could be found at the moment on the planet Earth.

The great question that can be asked here is "What potential do Universe 6 Earthlings possess?" As an unspoken rule in the DBZ Universe, demi-Saiyan humans has more potential to power up, as seen in Gohan's case. Will this still be true in the Universe 6?

It is possible that Earthlings has a more barbaric attitude than those Saiyans living in Planet Salada. It is evidenced by their extinction through wars and fighting. So it is possible that a demi-Saiyan human in the Universe 6 will have an opposite effect, rather than being more powerful, Saiyans with Earth heritage will be weaker than a full-blooded Saiyan. This Universe Earth could pretty much be a warrior race.

Will there be U6 Earthlings as powerful as Goku/Vegeta?

It is possible that there are fighters that have a Godly potential such as Goku or Vegeta. If they were to see in the Tournament of Power, there's no doubt that Universe 6 would be the very best Universe. Luckily, because of the time spent dormant, it is safe to assume that these powerful warriors could be at the same level as Goku was during the Saiyan Saga.