While some of the "Dragon Ball Super" audiences chose to go ahead and watch the English dub of the anime, some are loyal to its Funimation dub episodes. Because of this, the viewers of the English dub are still in the Frieza saga. The upcoming arc will be Universe 6 and Universe 7's exhibition match. Some of the Voice Actors that will voice the Universe 6 characters are revealed.


Clifford Chaplin will be voicing Cabba for the Funimation dub of "Dragon Ball Super." Chaplin was also known as the voice of Connie Springer from "Attack On Titan" and Hideyoshi Nagachika from "Tokyo Ghoul." Cabba is the young Saiyan from Universe 6 that was very different from Universe 7 Saiyans. Chaplin is also expected to voice Cabba in the Tournament of Power.



The big yellow guy of Universe 7 will be voiced by Cris George. He is known for voicing Bean on "Attack on Titan." He was also known as the voice actor for Takeshi Nishigori from "Yuri!!! On ice." He also did some additional voices in the movie "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F."


Frost will be voiced by Greg Ayres who also voiced Chrono in "Chrono Crusade," Negi in "Negima," and Heihachi Hayashida in "Samurai 7". Ayres has been doing anime voice-overs since 1998. He has voiced a lot of Anime characters so he his voice might be very familiar.


This funny side-character will be voiced by Daman Mills. Mills is the voice actor of Frieza in "Dragon Ball Super." Thankfully, he can focus on being Monaka because Frieza will not be seen again until the Tournament of Power.



This new fan favorite will be voiced by Matthew Mercer. Mercer is known for his works as Levi in "Attack on Titan" and Kiritsugu Emiya in "Fate/Zero." Mercer's other works for Funimation is "One Piece" character Trafalgar Law voice over. He was also the voice behind Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil video games.

Though Magetta is also a character that will be introduced in the next arc, he will not need a voice actor. He is a mecha-looking character, but he it seems like it is not the case. Universe 6 angel Vados voice actor is still not announced.

Some of the voice actors from Universe 6 was already voicing their characters in their game counterparts in "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" series.


Though Hit is the exception, with his game voice actor Aaron Roberts not reprising his role in the anime. "Dragon Ball Super" new arc would the Tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7. The Omni-King will also be introduced in this arc.