"#Dragon Ball Super" has been trying to tease its fans with Goku and Gohan's new transformations that were supposed to happen in the Tournament of Power. While the Saiyans of Universe 6 is learning forms after forms of Super Saiyan, the Saiyans of Universe 7 so far used SS, SS2, and SSB to power up. Gohan never transformed yet, and it is frustrating for Gohan fans to see him just standing right there.

Because forms after forms are being seen from the past "Dragon Ball Z" franchise, fans are anticipating that the most powerful Earth Saiyan will have a new #Form. In every major battle, Goku seems to discover a new form. And while the hype train is certainly roaring at this time, one of the voice actors confirmed that a new form will be born in the Tournament of Power

Emergence of a new form

Toshio Yoshita, Yamcha's #Voice Actor, was asked by a fan on Twitter if Goku will have a new form.

The actor responded that "It's a secret, but I'm expecting the birth of a new form!" It was not revealed who might have a new form in the Tournament of power. But after a teaser of Goku's back and his badass hair was posted on Twitter, fans are certain that Goku will have a new form.

Goku's new form has shown his tensed back and his torn-out Gi. His hair is a mix of dark blue and black and he is surrounded by what seems to be a thick amount of aura. His pale complexion was tanned, giving the impression that the transformation will have the intensity of his first Super Saiyan transformation.

There are theories that Goku and Gohan will have a fusion. Goku's Super Saiyan Blue and Gohan's Ultimate form can do the fusion dance and be a single entity then and there. This is also one of the explanations for Goku's new black and blue hairstyles.

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But there's a flaw in this theory. Since Potara Fusion is not allowed, only the Fusion dance can be made. And fusions will have the resulting person wear the Metamoran vest. Since there was no Metamoran vest was seen in the picture, it negates the Gokhan theory.

What could be the name of Goku's new form?

As per the naming convention in the world of "Dragon Ball," the new transformation could be named as "Super Saiyan Blue 2." It was made known that Super Saiyan Blue is now Goku's base transformation and it seems unlikely that he will have another form without mastering the Blue. Since his black highlights seem to indicate Gohan's similar Ultimate Form, might as well call it the "Ultimate Super Saiyan Blue".

Anyway, it is just too early to decide right now.