The #Prince of all Saiyans was owned by #Hit in the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7. Since then, fans have been wanting a rematch, with the hope that Vegeta would be able to even the score. With the hype surrounding the Tournament of Power, fans are convinced that this tournament is the perfect timing for a rematch.

The last match between Vegeta and Hit

Despite Vegeta's excellent match against Frost, Cabba, and Magetta, his battle against Hit is one of his most ugly battles. That battle against Vegeta and Kid Buu in "Dragon Ball Z" looks more like a battle than a one-sided beat up. Vegeta's one-liners sure made a big difference.

In his battle against Hit, Vegeta did not even land a successful blow against the notorious assassin.

To train for the upcoming tournament, Vegeta went to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He was seen destroying the room a couple of times just by powering up into his Super Saiyan Blue. Unlike Goku, Vegeta only uses his Super Saiyan Blue form when he deems it necessary. And if he uses this form, he makes sure that he will quickly finish what he needs to do. Fans are excited to see how he will utilize his Blue form against Hit.

Is there a future Vegeta vs Hit battle?

The subtitle above is one of the biggest questions in the Universal Survival arc. Goku already has Jiren to watch out for. He will not have any spot to take Hit Gohan might be the one who will face Toppo. Only Vegeta is the most logical character in the series to match Hit.

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It seems like Hit and Vegeta's fight was spoiled by one of the "#Dragon Ball Super" voice actors.

Toshio Yoshita, the one who also spoiled that a new SS transformation will be born, also spoiled Vegeta and Hit's upcoming fight. It all started when a fan asked Yoshita if Hit is stronger than Frieza and Vegeta. Yoshita's answer confirmed that the fight will happen and it will be very exciting.

This is a good news for Vegeta fans. Even though Vegeta is not the deuteragonist of this arc (that role belongs to Gohan, as seen in the ending credits), at least he will have a great fight.

Who will win this time?

Vegeta has trained a lot to beat Hit. His training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is not a thing to be ignored, especially the time flows differently in that place. He will not recklessly attack Hit if he doesn't have something under his sleeves. I bet he finally found a way to counter Hit's time skipping powers.Goku's SSB Kaioken, while powerful, is not an efficient way to beat Hit's time skipping.