Fans in Latin America can now enjoy the Spanish version of #Dragon Ball Super. On Monday, the first official trailer was revealed from Cartoon Network, thus confirming the release. Finally, Latino fans will be able to listen to Mario Castañeda as the voice of Son #Goku, and in this way, another great adventure begins.

New Official trailer of Dragon Ball Super

The recent trailer shows [VIDEO] Son Goku a long time after defeating Majin Buu, whose had to be defeated with the energy of the Genkidama. Scenes later, we see how the protagonist begins his life on the earth with peace, living with his family, and wearing the classic costume that characterizes him.

However, scenes later, they begin to introduce the first two destroying gods from Universe 6 and 7, who would play a very important role in the plot of history.

Official Programming in Latin America

The premiere will be this Saturday, August 5th, on Cartoon Network with different schedules in each country of Latin America. These times have been updated and are the following:

  • From 5 to 7 pm: Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay.
  • From 4 pm to 6 pm: Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Paraguay.
  • From 3 pm to 5 pm: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.
  • From 2 to 4 pm: All of Central America.

The premiere of Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters has been announced as well, but the schedule is still pending.

Rumors about the cancellation of the series

There were rumors about the cancellation [VIDEO] of DBS, started by people who tried to discredit the series by stating that the official programming was not reflected in their television channels, despite the fact that the same dubbing actors confirmed the premiere of the series.

The rumors indicated that the premiere would not be on August 5th, since it did not appear in the televising grid. However, the rumor was discarded after the appearance of the first promo of the series with the voice of Mario Castañeda indicating the return of the adventures of Son Goku.

"Dragon Ball Super" is an anime produced by Toei Animation, which began airing on July 5, 2015. It is a direct sequel to the Dragon Ball which offers a new story after 18 years. It is established after the defeat of Majin Boo when the Earth has once again become a peaceful place.

As for The United States, you can watch it every Saturday night on Toonami. Starting from 8:00 pm.

You can watch DBS every weekend on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. #Vegeta