#Dragon Ball Super” Universal Survival Arc is on a roll with its infamous #Tournament of Power, which pits all the participating universes vying for survival and steers clear of the brutal annihilation by the King of Universes. Universe 9 has been annihilated after Goku and Vegeta transformed into #Super Saiyan Blue and defeated them all. The synopsis for the upcoming episodes has also been released, which teases the next universe to be wiped out by the Omni-King. Unfortunately, it will be Universe 10 to face the destruction, but fans are more interested in team Universe 7’s fate. Recently, a fan-made theory already has everyone buzzing after the order of U7’s elimination was partially revealed [VIDEO].

Who is the next U7 warrior to get disqualified?

Over on Reddit, a Redditor named u/StarkusPasu shared his own “Dragon Ball Super” theory about Universe 7’s order of elimination from the Tournament of Power. In the second opening of the anime with a theme “Limit-Break x Survivor,” the opening shot somehow hinted the next fighters to be eliminated. One of the opening shots features the team members of U7 holding the Dragon Balls, which were starred. Krillin holds a one-starred ‘DB’ and fans know that he was the first U7 fighter to get eliminated from the deadly martial arts tournament. Tien holds the item with two stars, and if the pattern turns out to be correct, then he will be the next warrior to get disqualified.

The “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power opening shot also shows Master Roshi holding the three-starred ‘DB’ while Piccolo holds the four-star item.

The twins Android 17 and 18 hold the five and six stars while the good ‘ole Frieza has the seven-starred item. As for the Saiyan fighters – Vegeta, Goku and Gohan, they were not featured holding items since they will be the final three warriors of Universe 7 in the battle royal. However, it is worthy to note that this is only a fan-made theory and this remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes of the hit anime series.

The Universe 7 warriors

Master Roshi is set to fight against a sexy warrior in an upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super, ” and we all know his weakness. Gohan will soon fight against the guys from Universe 10 with his Mystic Form, which will cause U10 to get wiped out by the Zen-Oh. Goku will unexpectedly fight with Hit against a Pride Trooper from Universe 11 named Dyspo. What’s more interesting is that the Saiyan fighter will transform into Super Saiyan God, a form that has not been seen since “DBZ: Battle of Gods.”

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 is set to air on August 13. Stay tuned to Blasting News.