The Tournament of Power has seen a lot of tactics that each universe to win the tournament. There are fighters like Jiren and Toppo that avoided battles to conserve stamina. There are also those in Universe 3 that tried to eliminate opponents by spinning. And perhaps, the most basic one is Gohan's teamwork mantra, your teammate's opponent is everyone's opponent. But the most intriguing scheme is Universe 4's two hidden warriors.

Hidden Warriors

During the introduction of each Universe at the beginning of Tournament of Power, it is noticed that Universe 4 only has eight warriors.


Tien Shinhan noted that faint auras are lingering in the stage, but it was too faint and hard to locate. Even the two Zeno-sama's GodPads are not able to locate the two hidden warriors. Universe 4 hasn't had a significant role in the tournament yet.

Master Roshi's episode

The next spotlight will be shared by Master Roshi and the Universe 4. Episode 105, titled "A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi's Sacrifice!" will be putting Master Roshi in his own spotlight once again. This is unlike his Jackie Chun days; his demise will contribute to the erasure of Universe 7.

So far, Master Roshi is doing good. He and Tien Shinhan has been alright with their own. The Master can overcome his desires, which is one of his weaknesses. But in the preview, Master Roshi was alone and being teamed up by the Universe 4 warriors. Master Roshi will be fighting against a girl named Caway. Ganos is also seen powering up in the preview. He might have something to be done next episode.

The hidden twins of Universe 4

Dragon Ball guru Ken Xyro revealed the identity of Universe 4's hidden warriors.


It turns out that the two hidden warriors are twins. They have an insect-like anatomy, and their only difference is their color.

The green twin is called Damom while the purple twin is called Gamisarasu. Their powers are yet to be seen, but fan theories suggest that they can both change their sizes up to an insect-like size. This will explain why they only have faint auras.

They might be hiding somewhere in the arena.

This is a great strategy to win the Tournament of Power if you have weaker warriors. By letting the brute forces eliminate each other and beating them by number, it is almost a sure way to win. Well, almost, since there are brute forces everywhere, not aware of the twins' location. They might be blasted into pieces before they can transform into their real sizes.