The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” just aired this weekend and it has revealed Universe 11’s predicament. The said universe had a great start, giving off strong first impressions but they are now at the bottom of the ranks in the ongoing Tournament of Power.

The Universe Survival Saga arc introduced 8 universes, who will have warriors to fight for them so they can help save their universe from being erased. The Zen-Oh Kings came up with the idea of pitting the universes against each other thanks to Son Goku but they made the battle royal more deadly after announcing that the losers will face a dire consequence, which was to be completely erased from existence.


Universe 11’s standing in Tournament of Power

Universe 9 and Universe 10 have already been erased by the two Omni Kings after their warriors failed to survive in the deadly Tournament of Power. Universe 11 is currently in danger because they’re at the bottom of the ranks in the said tournament.

The Pride Troopers of Universe 11 were able to show off their powers in the Zen-Oh Exhibition Match and even put up quite a fight in the initial stages of the Tournament of Power. However, as of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 104, they have already lost seven warriors.

Universe 6’s Saiyans, Kale and Caulifla were able to eliminate Vuon, Kettol, Zoiray, and even General Kahseral while Universe 7’s cyborg warrior, Android No. 18 eliminated Tupper and Cocotte. Kunshi was the latest Pride Trooper to be eliminated after Hit evaded his attack, which led him to jump out of the arena.

Toppo changes strategy

With just 35 minutes left before the Tournament of Power officially ends, Universe 11 is in a dire situation of getting completely erased. Aside from that, they also have the least number of warriors left in the Tournament of Power so the odds are stacked against them.


However, the gods of Universe 11 don’t seem to be bothered that they only have three Pride Troopers left in their team because they still have Toppo, Jiren, and Dyspo fighting for them. It seems like the fate of their entire universe lies in Toppo and Jiren’s hands.

The Pride Troopers are known for upholding justice but the recent development in the Universe Survival Saga arc has hinted that they’ll be turning a new leaf and go after survival instead. Jiren and Toppo are considered to be two of the strongest warriors in the tournament and this change in their plan seems like they’ll be going after the remaining warriors instead so they get a fighting chance.

There are still five other universes still fighting aside from them and they have more warriors left compared to their team. However, given how much the anime series have teased Jiren and Toppo’s strength, they can easily eliminate most of the remaining warriors.