The latest episode of #Dragon Ball Super has yet to air but official updates have hinted that another universe is on the verge of getting erased. The preview for the upcoming episode and official spoilers from Weekly Shounen Jump highlight battles involving Universe 10, suggesting further that they may just meet their doom very soon.

Shortly after the #Tournament of Power kicked off, the Omni-Kings were able to erase an entire universe just after a few episodes. In earlier episodes of the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc, Vegeta and Son Goku teamed up to defeat and eliminate the Trio de Dangers brothers (Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil), which resulted in Universe 9's early demise.

U10 in danger?

The Zen-Oh did not hesitate in obliterating the team and their entire universe from existence. Universe 9's loss was a reminder to the remaining teams of just how serious the Tournament of Power was.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 [VIDEO] will mainly focus on the introduction of U2 and their fight against Vegeta, Goku, and Android 17. However, another warrior from Universe 10 will also be featured.

This week’s episode will also highlight Piccolo’s fight against the blue-haired Jirasen of Universe 10, while next week’s episode [VIDEO] will feature the rest of the warriors from Universe 10 going up against Son Gohan and some of the warriors from Universe 7. Murichim made a quick appearance in last week's episode, only to be eliminated by Frieza after snatching him away from his teammate, Vegeta.

There are speculations that Universe 10 will most likely be the next universe eliminated. It is predicted that they will get erased in next week’s episode because there are speculations that Gohan’s team will be able to defeat the rest of their fighters.

As of this writing, Universe 10 has four warriors left: Jirasen, Obni, Zircor, and Rubarut. If Jirasen is eliminated in this week’s episode, then only three warriors from Rumsshi and Gowasu’s universe will remain.

Will U10 last?

Given their present circumstance, it's already a huge feat for Universe 10 to last this long but the Grand Priest did mention in the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super" that the real round of the Tournament of Power has finally started, since only the powerful fighters are left in the arena.

Universe 10 and Universe 11 actually share the same predicament since the latter also has four warriors remaining, but the #anime series has already made it clear that one of the biggest fights is between Jiren and Son Goku, so Universe 11 will surely be one of the last teams standing and vying to win the Tournament of Power.