The recent episode of Dragon Ball Super” revealed a new set of eliminated warriors after Master Roshi went through quite an ordeal to finish them off. The current ranks of the Tournament of Power have drastically changed after one team suffered multiple casualties.

Teams annihilated

Despite the hints for Dragon Ball Super” episode 105, which were released through official updates, that there will be another universe annihilated soon, the number of annihilated universes remain the same as of this week.

Universe 9 and Universe 10 were the ones to be eliminated after warriors from Universe 7 coincidentally defeated their respective last warriors. Universe 9 was the first one to be annihilated after Son Goku and Vegeta defeated the Trio de Dangers brothers while Universe 10 became the second one to be erased after Son Gohan and Piccolo defeated their last two warriors.


Teams in safe zone

Only two teams remain safe this week, namely Universe 6 and Universe 7, since they share the top spot with only one eliminated warrior. Universe 7 lost Krillin in an earlier episode after Frost unexpectedly kicked him out of the Tournament of Power.

Botamo became the first fighter from Universe 6 to be eliminated after Gohan used persistent and straightforward attacks on him. Though the paired dimensions are deemed opponents in the battle royal, the Saiyans have united a couple of times to fend off warriors from other teams, while Goku and Hit even had a brief, unlikely team-up.

Teams in danger

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 105 highlighted Master Roshi’s fights and he became the most valuable player of this episode when he consecutively defeated three warriors from Universe 4.


He eliminated Caway, Darcori, and Ganos from the battle royal, which pummeled Quitela's team to the bottom ranks.

With the updated count, Universe 4 has six eliminated warriors, which puts them second to the last in the standings. Universe 11 is still last with seven warriors eliminated but their remaining warriors include Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren of the Pride Troopers so they are expected to last longer than the other teams.

Universe 2 trails behind at second place with two eliminated warriors, while Universe 3 is in third place with three eliminated fighters. However, in the Tournament of Power, what matters is the last man standing, as well as the remaining warriors still in the arena as soon as time is up.


Only two universes are currently the most likely candidates to survive the Tournament of Power while the rest of the universes are in danger of being annihilated with only 34 minutes left in the battle royal.