The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” revealed quite a momentous event leading up to another untimely loss for one of the strongest universes participating in the Tournament of Power. The new episode featured one complete fight between warriors from Universe 11 and Hit of Universe 6 -- who was eventually joined by Son Goku of Universe 7.

Recap on the universes eliminated

So far, there have only been two universes completely erased since the Tournament of Power kicked off. Universe 9 was the first one to bite the dust after the Trio de Dangers were eliminated by Universe 7’s Goku and Vegeta.


Universe 7 continued to wreak havoc when they eliminated the last two warriors from Universe 10, namely Obuni and Rubalt. The two fighters' defeat spelled immediate annihilation for Rumsshi and Gowasu’s universe, which was revealed in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 103.

Who’s in the safe zone?

Goku fought alongside the ace Hit against the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 and succeeded in keeping Universe 6 and Universe 7 in the safe at the Tournament of Power. The paired universes have lost one warrior each, Krillin and Botamo, and they have been holding up well so far against a sea of powerful warriors in a very limited arena.

Hit was almost eliminated inDragon Ball Super” Episode 104, which was the latest episode, but he was able to outmaneuver Dyspo at a crucial time. He also evaded a possible elimination after Goku showed up to help him when Dyspo teamed up with fellow Pride Trooper Kunshi.

Who’s in danger?

Technically, the rest of the teams who are below Universe 6 and Universe 7’s standings in the Tournament of Power are in danger. However, the team considered to be in immediate danger is none other than Universe 11.

Universe 11 was revealed to possess a strong roster of warriors, which consisted of the Pride Troopers, and they were the biggest bet to survive the Tournament of Power.


However, in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 104, Kunshi was eliminated after sacrificing himself in an attempt to take down Hit with him.

Universe 11 has now three warriors left, namely Dyspo, the leader Toppo, and Jiren but their gods are unfazed because they trust Jiren and Toppo can still turn the tables for them at the Tournament of Power. Universe 2 trails behind Goku and Hit’s universes with just two eliminated warriors while both Universe 3 and Universe 4 share the same fate of having three warriors eliminated from the said tournament.