The latest episode of the#Dragon Ball Super #anime series will be airing this weekend and it seems like another universe is in danger of getting annihilated next. The previous episode revealed new characters and also showed few more eliminated fighters in the action-packed #Tournament of Power.

Here’s a detailed recap on who was recently eliminated and a quick score update on each universe’s team’s standing in the said tournament. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102’s recent events saw a drastic change in the standings, threatening to obliterate one certain universe as their chances to survive the tournament grow slim.

Who’s safe?

As of “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 102, Team Universe 6 is currently on the top of the ranks with none of their fighters eliminated.

The anime series has so far mostly featured this universe’s fights that involved its Saiyans, namely Cabba, Caulifla and Kale.

They used to share the top spot with Team Universe 2 but the latest episode has revealed certain developments in the Tournament of Power that has brought down the second universe to a lower rank.

Team Universe 2 warriors eliminated

In last weekend’s episode, Team Universe 2 [VIDEO] incurred losses as soon as they were given the spotlight. The Kamikaze Fireballs led the team and revealed their powerful Magical Girl Transformations.

It seems like they’re still no match to the Team Universe 7’s cyborgs though as Android 17 single-handedly defeated and eliminated Sanka Ku and her sidekick, Vikal. Android 17’s feat turned the tables and placed Team Universe 2 in a predicament as they lose two of their strong warriors, putting their team’s rank from first to third place.

However, rankings do not matter in the Tournament of Power because the only surviving team will win and be spared from getting their universe erased. In an event that there is more than one team still standing when the time is up, the team with the most number of warriors alive will be declared as the winner.

Teams in the danger zone

Technically, all teams except Team Universe 6 are all in danger of getting annihilated since each of the other six teams has already incurred losses but they can still have a chance of winning. Team Universe 7 trails behind Universe 6 after losing Krillin in an untimely elimination.

The bottom half is shared by Universes 3, 4, 10, and 11. Universe 4 and Universe 3 are tied with three eliminated warriors while Toppo’s universe is at the second to the last of the ranks with six of his teammates dropping out.

Team Universe 10 [VIDEO] is now in last place after Jirasen’s quick elimination because of collateral damage, putting his universe in a dire situation of getting eliminated next after Universe 9. As of “Dragon Ball Super” 102, Universe 10 has only three warriors left.