Surprising! We are just a couple of days away for the premiere of a new episode of Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO], and the title and synopsis of the next two, episodes 103 and 104, has just been revealed.

The plot that will be presented below, has been revealed directly from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in its new edition of August. It is necessary to keep in mind that it could include some spoilers in the plot of the tournament, because we would finally see Gohan in action.

Episode 103: The Fight Against Universe 10 and Gohan's Determination!

The episode number 103 of the animated series, that will premiere on Saturday August 12th of the present year, has an impressive synopsis.

The last standing warriors of the tenth universe, commanded by Gowazu and Rumoosh, are sadly trapped and locked up by universe two, who finally showed all their true potential in battle. Meanwhile, Gohan, from universe seven, prepares to attack Botamo. And then, he will face the warriors from the tenth.

Episode 104: A transcendent battle has exploded! Goku and Hit join the battle!

The 104th episode of #Dragon Ball Super will be released on Saturday August 19th. The synopsis takes us to an event happening in universe six.

The Tournament of Power continues with warriors falling in each episode. Meanwhile, Hit, the powerful assassin from the sixth universe, is in terrible trouble and at a great disadvantage against the eleventh universe.

At that precise moment, Son Goku comes to his help [VIDEO]and then join the battle.

What will happen to the tournament?

These have been recently filtered summaries. So, there is no doubt that we will finally see Gohan in action, so it is likely that his entry would be one of the best and worthy of a true Saiyan. At last #Goku's son would reveal his great power.

Adding to this, it seems that the end of universe 10 could be almost assured for this episode. The fact is simple, since there are only four warriors left so far, and considering that in each episode they lose at least one member, as this could mean that for Chapter 103, probably, the fate of the tenth universe has reached its end.

#Son Gohan is a manga and anime character Dragon Ball created by Akira Toriyama. He is the first son of Son Gokū and Chi-Chi, older brother of Son Goten, husband of Videl and father of Pan.

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