Surprising! They have just revealed the possible Titles of episodes 103 to 105 of "Dragon Ball Super." Titles are confirmed. However, the synopses are still pending as the information has been filtered through press clippings. Here are the titles and synopses.

Episode 103: 'The most decisive battle! Son Gohan, release your power!'

Premiere: August 12 [VIDEO]

Android 17 has emerged victorious after having a confrontation against Kakunsa, one of the warriors from universe two. She is a Miburia warrior, so she has the ability to transform. If you do not remember who Kakunsa is [VIDEO], you can see her appearance below next to the rest of members of the second universe.

Episode 104: 'A Transcendent Battle at the Speed of Light! They are Goku and Hit together!'

Premiere: August 19

Through Gohan's efforts, all the warriors from universe ten have finally been beaten. Unfortunately, they have been completely eradicated from existence. Gowazu and Rumoosh have been eliminated. Meanwhile, it's Dyspo's turn, the warrior from universe eleven, to prepare to enter the arena. This powerful opponent wants to fight against Hit, and there is something that makes him superior for a few moments. He has the ability to capture Hit's tokitobashi, making this technique somewhat useless.

Son Goku arrives at the right time to save him before losing.

Episode 105: 'A fierce combat of Master Roshi!'

Premiere: August 26

Despite being an emblematic warrior since the origins of Dragon Ball [VIDEO], Master Roshi has always had a serious problem with the desires that make him lose his composure. However, the master has trained enough to control these desires that do not allow him to fight properly. To his dismay, his next opponent is an attractive warrior from the fourth universe. Will Roshi be able to face this new temptation?

Those are the titles and summaries deciphered so far. If we add some data that had already been revealed previously to these summaries, the eradication of universe 10 makes sense since it is known that Gohan will use all his power to stop the remaining warriors from that universe. However, the reason why the Saiyan has decided to do it specifically against them is unknown.

"Dragon Ball Super" is an anime produced by Toei Animation, which began airing on July 5, 2015. It is a direct sequel to the "Dragon Ball" and offers a brand new story after 18 years. You can watch "DBS" every weekend on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. You can also watch it every Saturday night on Toonami at 8:00 pm.