Ever since Goku and Vegeta's rivalry started, Goku was always ahead Vegeta in their path to becoming stronger. There are sweet times for Vegeta when he briefly surpassed Goku. But most of the time, Vegeta is always the second strongest. When Vegeta thinks he is finally better than Goku, he will find out sooner than later that Goku achieved new heights again on "Dragon Ball Super." What might be the real reason why Vegeta is always the second strongest?

Whis' reason

When the two started training under the tutelage of Whis, the angel of Universe 7 noted some of the problems each warrior have. He started out with Vegeta, telling the Saiyan Prince that he is so "stressed" while fighting. Vegeta is always thinking before attacking, which causes him to tense up and react badly.


Goku, on the other hand, is the opposite of Vegeta. He is very relaxed even against the most powerful enemy. And he tends to let his guard down, as mentioned by so many people in the tournament. By demonstrating this, Whis poked Goku in the ribs, and it made Goku protest in pain.

This is also the reason why some fans think that Vegito is the perfect warrior. Vegeta's discipline nullifies Goku's tendency to let his guard down. Goku's laid back nature cancels Vegeta's tendency to overthink everything.

The other reasons

One of the other reasons why Vegeta can't improve more even though he trains more is because yeah, he trains more. Goku's training regimen is different. He would train after one day of rest, and because of that, his body adapts more to whatever training he's doing.


And this is not the only thing that is wrong in Vegeta's training. If there is something that Goku has and Vegeta lacks, it is a training master. Goku trained under different masters and acquired more techniques for his arsenal of combat weapons. Vegeta trains alone and does repetitive things which don't give him new knowledge to improve his fighting style. As much as making original attacks such as Galick Gun and Final Flash is cool, reinventing the wheel is a waste of time.

It boils down to the different philosophies

In the end, they have different philosophies. Although their individual philosophies are good in different circumstances, something about Vegeta's fighting style will not overcome Goku's.


That's not because Goku got friends and all. Vegeta also got something to protect too.

Goku is a warrior and Vegeta is a soldier. As much as he hates working with anybody, Vegeta's fighting style is good for winning a war and not winning a single fight. Goku, on the other hand, excels in one on one combat. All of his training and attacks are for single enemies only. Therefore, what is inside his arsenal of battle prowess is more efficient in one one battles.