The heat is on for Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power, where 80 powerful warriors from eight different universes are gathered to fight against each other in an attempt to defend their homes. For all the losing universes, they will have to face the Omni-King’s annihilation with only one universe to survive. Universes 9 and 10 have been wiped out following their respective defeat in the Battle Royal. The tournament has different rules that the warriors should follow.

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Killing is certainly not allowed as well as bringing of weapons, but that might change soon, according to a fan-made theory [VIDEO].

Will the Zen-Oh allow killings in the tournament?

According to Geekdom101, the prohibition of killings in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power might bore the King of Universes, and he might just allow it given the rage that the previous episode has delivered.

Episode 105 showcased Master Roshi’s near-death experience after fighting with Ganos from Universe 4. The Turtle Hermit released a huge Kamehameha against the U4 fighter and finally took him down. However, the old master collapsed and was almost welcomed by death, but Son Goku went to his rescue and revived him. That scene shocked a lot of fans, but everyone rejoiced when he was resurrected.

The Zen-Oh is known for being unpredictable [VIDEO], and he might just change the said rule in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. Other fans also agreed to this theory and said that killing might be one of the reasons why Goku will enter a brand-new Super Saiyan transformation soon. One fan suggests that there might be a Universe 7 team member that will get killed during the battle and this will be the reason for Goku’s sudden transformation.

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We know that the Saiyan fighter is known for tapping into his different SS forms when he is in the state of anger. Apparently, this might be the major reason for his anger for him to transform into his yet to be named new form.

Universe 7’s advantage

If killings will be allowed in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power, Universe 7 has an edge compared to the other universes. This is because of the former emperor of evil Frieza's participation in team U7. He is known for being ruthless in power and is feared for being cold-blooded when it comes to killing. It can be recalled how he mowed down the guys from Universe 9 who were sent by their God of Destruction in an attempt to stop him from joining the tournament. Yes, the good’ ole Frieza!