Goku and Android 17 was proven to be a great combination in their battle against Universe 2's Ribrianne and Rozie. Goku, with his grasp of Rozie's technique, was successful to devise a plan in shutting her Yacchaina Blasts off. While Android 17, with his physical prowess, can fight on equal footing against Ribrianne. Right after Rozie and Ribrianne were backed into the edge of the tournament arena, a Yardrat came to their rescue and helped them escape.

This might bring a great problem for other participants, but not for Universe 2.

Universe 2's Yardrat

Jimeze, the Yardrat from Universe 2 is the only Yardrat in the Tournament of Power. Though he is the only one of his kind, he is enough to disrupt the flow of the tournament.


It can be remembered that Caulifa eliminated Jimeze once. But Jimeze has been seen once again when the Universe 2 Kamikaze Fireballs called the attention of the participants. When Caulifla eliminated him, he used instant transmission before falling out of the stage. That's a great tool to have in the tournament of power. Instant transmission can be used for sneak attack and escapes, and it is easy to pull out. So why does Goku never included a Yardrat in his team when they're only one instant transmission away?

Universe 7's Yardrat

The inhabitants from Universe 7's Planet Yardrat taught Goku the Instant Transmission technique. Goku was seen doing the technique for many times in the whole DB series.

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He even uses the technique in combination with his iconic Kamehameha for a greater damage. Yardrats are master manipulators of time and space, but why did Goku forget to add any of them as members of t Universe 7?

Universe 7's Yardrats are physically weak and are natural born Psychics. Jimeze must be an exception to the rule, and he could be the strongest Yardrat in the Universe 2. He might be a high ranking official that protects his planet from ominous beings like Frost. It was seen that he is powerful enough to eliminate Jilcol in a single Ki blast. I think Jimeze is on the level with Piccolo.

How could Jizeme be a future problem?

If the Yardrat will focus on saving his Universe 2 pals and uses his instant transmission for sneak attacks like Frost, the fighters would have a hard time to knock the Universe 2 off.


If someone will knock Jizeme off, he would just reappear with instant transmission before he hits the void. It is an advantage for the Universe 2. If he can track all his friend's activity and saving them every time someone will fall off, they could actually win the tournament.