Since Goku discovered the #God Ki, he made the #Super Saiyan Blue his base transformation. He was rarely seen going Super Saiyan anymore. Though the Blue packs power, it is a stamina vacuum and is not for long battles. Super Saiyan God, on the other hand, is the downgrade of the Super Blue form. But why will Goku use a form that is a downgrade of his most powerful form against a formidable enemy?

Goku and Hit's team up

This team up sounds unlikely and bizarre, but it is official and will happen on Episode 104. Hit will be targetted by Universe 11's Dypso in a battle. Though Hit has his time skipping ability, one way to beat him is through speed.

Dypso can fire fast bullets, fast enough to render Hit's time skipping ineffective. This battle will be one sided against Hit and he is close to being eliminated when Goku decided that he will help Hit.

Universe 7 helping Universe 6 [VIDEO] members is not surprising anymore, as they have met each other before the Tournament. Both teams gained a mutual respect for each other and each other's powers. In a sense, they would rather eliminate each member of the opposite team rather than being eliminated by other universes. Thus, Goku helping Hit is bizarre, but not at all unimaginable.

In helping Hit, Goku will transform to one of the most ancient Saiyan transformation, the Super Saiyan God or simply known as the Red transformation. I can see Caulifla trying to learn this form, but that might be another story.

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So, why will Goku use a less powerful form if the enemy is stomping Hit, his rival?

The advantage of the Super Saiyan God

As demonstrated in the "#Dragon Ball Super" manga, SSG doesn't require a lot of energy to maintain. Unlike the Super Saiyan Blue, the SSG also packs power, but it also gives the user extra speed. This form might not have the power that Blue got, but when used properly, it is more useful than the Blue.

As demonstrated by Vegeta in Chapter 22, he can is faster than Goku Black during the fight. But when Vegeta is going for a hit, he switches from Red to Blue so that he will hit Goku Black with the same power as the Blue transformation. It is not certain how Vegeta achieved the Super Saiyan God transformation, but it is assumed that he also underwent the Saiyan ritual. Like in the Battle of the Gods, Goku was able to transform into SSG individually after the first Red transformation.

In the Battle of the Gods, Goku was able to transform into SSG individually after the first Red transformation. It can be assumed that Gohan could also attain this form through the ritual, and at the same time, paving his way to Super Saiyan Blue. But his Mystic form is more efficient for him.