#Dragon Ball Super” Universal Survival Arc is already down in its ultimate #Tournament of Power with a total of eight participating universes pitting against each other to defend their homes. Universe 9, a few weeks ago, was the first team to lose in the battle royal and faced an unfortunate annihilation by the King of Universes. In two weeks time, we will get to witness another ill-fated universe which will be wiped out by the Omni-King. Its team will be taken down by the warriors of team Universe 7 led by Gohan. Episode 104 will soon showcase the universe’s obliteration, which will take the teams down to only six that will vie for survival.

Which is the next universe to face annihilation?

Weekly Shonen Jump recently dropped the synopsis [VIDEO] for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 104 in Japan and Todd Blankenship translated it for English-speaking fans. “Thanks to the efforts of Universe 7’s Son Gohan, Universe 10’s warriors are wiped out,” reads the synopsis. “Universe 10 is annihilated.” So, team U10 will be the next universe to face the Zen-Oh’s obliteration in the Tournament of Power. Looking at the synopsis, it looks like #Mystic Gohan is the one receiving all the credits for U10’s loss in the battle royal. The boy has just regained his Mystic form after his training with his master Piccolo.

In the previous “Dragon Ball Super” episode, Piccolo said that Gohan is becoming more powerful than before and his power will certainly reach greater heights.

The boy briefly stopped fighting and chose to be a scholar instead while with his own family. He had to undergo extensive training with his master after confirming that he was joining the Tournament of Power to regain his strength and power. Taking down team Universe 10 doesn’t seem to be news for everyone especially as he has already achieved his Mystic form again.

The Tournament of Power

Goku was the one who requested that the Omni-King host the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power in which the losing universes will be wiped out. The King of Universes though, had planned to destroy the weakest universes long before the Saiyan fighter asked him to host the deadly martial arts tournament. However, those who don’t know about this see Goku as a villain for requesting the battle royal in the first place. In fact, they should be thankful to him that they can get the chance to prove the Zen-Oh wrong. The Universal Survival Arc kicked off in February 2017 and the guys behind the hit anime series are certainly taking the time to deliver seamless episodes.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 104 titled “A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku And Hit’s Joint Front!!” is scheduled to air on August 20. Stay tuned!