Recently there has been speculation of a battle involving Goku [VIDEO] and the Daishinkan [VIDEO]. He is the father of all angels, assistant to the king of everything and is the second strongest in all of the multiverse. For these reasons, he is watched with distrust by some fans of the series. There have also been several subtle signals that point to the #Daishinkan being a future antagonist. One of the clearest was discovered in the most recent end credits scenes.

Although many fans and experts of the series see signs that indicate that his character could be the villain, there has not been any official confirmation.

Even though it has not been confirmed we can still speculate what a battle with the Daishinkan would be like.

After all, Whis states that he is the most powerful fighter in all of the universes. Knowing this, we ask the following question: If a battle were to occur with such a powerful foe, how would they be able to defeat him?

The power of Daishinkan

We know that Daishinkan's power is several times more powerful than that of Whis and the other angels as well as the gods of destruction. From this information, we can presume that #Goku and company are weak in comparison. So how could they stop him?

Plan to defeat Daishinkan

1) In the hypothetical situation that Daishinkan wishes to take control, we think the Genkidama is an option to defeat him.

Since the Daishinkan would be outnumbered, several other fighters could hopelessly battle with him simply to allow for the necessary time to gather enough energy to defeat to the high priest.

2) Seal him. The seals have proved to be a reliable technique when the enemy is impossible to defeat. Seals like the Mafuba could leave the high priest motionless, locking him in a world where he can not take possession of anything.

3) The union of all gods and warriors. If he wants to eliminate everything, we believe that a general union of all deities could stand against the Daishinkan. While the power of the latter is immense, several destroyers with their respective angels could rival the power of the evil Daishinkan.

These are some ways to stop Daishinkan in a battle to the death. Of course, not all options are viable and have their disadvantages, but fighting against the infinitely powerful great priest would require examining all options.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, I will publish it immediately. For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “#Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.