#Dragon Ball Super has finally taken the fierce battle between universes – the infamous Tournament of Power and #universe 9 was the first team to get the taste of the Omni-King’s annihilation. Team Universe 6, Kale and Caulifla, in particular, have been one of the most hot-topics among fans these days following their Super Saiyan transformations. What’s more interesting is that a Japanese magazine has recently released a slew of new characters to join [VIDEO] the tournament including new fighters from U6. Todd Blankenship @Herms98 translated the mag’s content for the English-speaking fans and it seems that the new warriors to join team U6 are from a familiar race in “DB” series.

The new Namekian warriors in Universe 6

Japanese magazine V Jump recently released team sheets for the universes [VIDEO] that are joining the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power including team Universe 6. Interestingly, the twin universe is teased to have two warriors that appeared to be of #Namekian race. The warriors are named Saoneru and Pirina – both Namekian warriors, who look brawny and overpowering in the ring. These two warriors already have fans buzzing over their power and what they can do in the deadly martial arts tournament. Another warrior completing the U6 ten-warrior team is the warthog Dr. Rota alongside Hit, Frost, Kale, Caulifla, Botamo, Cabba and Magetta.

According to Todd Blankenship, Saoneru in “Dragon Ball Super” or in direct Japanese term “suneiru” can be translated into English as “snail.” Some fans also suggest that these new Namekian fighters can also be Super Namekians that are able to unlock their skills and achieve overwhelming powers.

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If this happens, then their opponents including Universe 7 will certainly have a hard time dealing with them. Either way, fans are looking forward to seeing these characters put their skill and fighting abilities to good use anytime soon in the Tournament of Power. After all, all of them should do something in greater heights to defend their homes from the Omni-King’s total destruction.

More characters teased

V Jump also dropped more slew of characters in “Dragon Ball Super” joining the Tournament of Power. Fans are more amused on the names Sirloin and Paparoni. Needless to say, Sirloin derives from steak while Paparoni is inspired by a famous pizza topping, Pepperoni. We can also notice that Broly, Kale, Cabba and Caulifla’s names were all inspired by vegetable broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower. So, seeing food sounding names in the hit anime series is not much of a surprise. There are also more female characters that are joining the tournament such as Kakunsa, Bikaru, Cawey and Monna.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 102 titled “The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!” is expected to air on August 6. Stay tuned!