#Dragon Ball Super” Universal Survival Arc is now delivering the #Tournament of Power that pits all 80 warriors from eight universes in an attempt to defend their homes. Universe 9 has been annihilated by the Omni-King and there will be another universe wiped out two weeks from now. Unfortunately, the universe that’s next in line is team Universe 10 that was teased to be defeated [VIDEO] through the efforts of team Universe 7’s leader, Gohan. The boy has been tapped to lead the team in the tournament and the synopsis for episode 104 teases that he will show off once again his Mystic Form.

Mystic Gohan ‘s wrath

“Dragon Ball Super” expert Ken Xyro recently shared the English translation of the synopsis [VIDEO] for episode 104, which is titled “A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku And Hit’s Joint Front!!” “Gohan, who has now regained his former strength, attacks Botamo’s belly with a barrage of punches and shoots him off the stage using a Kamehameha,” the synopsis reads.

“Then his new opponent Obni glares at him. They rush towards each other, but a punch from Gohan knocks the Rocket Pendant off Obni’s neck.” Judging by the synopsis, it looks like Gohan is back on track with his Mystic Form that he had just regained after extensive training with master Piccolo. Piccolo previously said that the boy can achieve greater heights with his strength and his power is bottomless despite his long rest from fighting.

It can be recalled that when Gohan was asked to join the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power to defend Universe 7 from annihilation he trained with Piccolo to regain his strength. During his training, the half-Saiyan warrior managed to enter his Mystic Form again years after he had done it during “DBZ.” Apparently, Gohan with his infamous tell-tale bang brings danger to team Universe 10 in episode 104.

It’s time for Gohan put his Mystic power to good use for the sake of his home. After all, his friends and family will have to say goodbye if he does do the best he can to keep the Omni-King’s obliteration at bay.

The tournament that could make it or break it

At this time, there are seven remaining universes in "Dragon Ball Super" fighting their way to survival. However, there is only one universe that will survive in the Tournament of Power while all the other losing universes will face their unfortunate fates. The Omni-King has to do it to balance the universe and this is the time for the universes to prove their worth.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 104 is set to air on Aug. 20. Stay tuned! #Mystic Gohan