#Dragon Ball Super is currently rolling out its ultimate '#Tournament of Power' with seven remaining universes to fight against each other in an attempt to avoid the King of Universes’ annihilation. Universe 7’s Krillin has been eliminated after Frost jumped in and defeated him during his fight against Universe 4’s Majora. Universe 10 has been teased to be wiped out by the Omni-King through Gohan’s efforts in the upcoming episode of the hit anime series. In episode 105, the Invincible Old Master or known as #Master Roshi (Turtle Hermit) will be the next U7 fighter to get the spotlight in the tournament. The old master will soon be pitted against a sexy warrior [VIDEO], and this will be the great time to see how far he can go with his perverted nature.

Will Muten Roshi win against a sexy warrior?

Over on Twitter, fan Ken Xyro was quick to share his English translation of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 105, which teases the imminent battle of Master Roshi against an unknown sexy warrior from another universe. The old master is known for being a pervert, and this will be a good chance for his enemies to use his weakness to defeat him in the tournament. However, everyone knows that he had trained hard in preparation for the Tournament of Power to overcome his weakness. It can be recalled when he had a match against Puar and Oolong, who both have the abilities to transform into sexy women. Apparently, the Turtle Hermit managed to overcome his infamous weakness during his training.

We’re pretty sure here that Master Roshi’s opponent in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 105 would be extremely attractive to ensure his defeat.

There is no telling yet who this sexy fighter will be especially since there are still several characters from other universes that haven’t been introduced to the tournament. However, fans are positive that the Turtle Hermit, who invented the infamous Kamehameha wave, will be able to overcome this attractive warrior in the battle royal. The old master is one of the strongest human fighters in Universe 7, and everyone is hoping for the best. After all, his home is on the line, and this is not the time for him to play around sexy women.

U7’s order of elimination

Recently, a “Dragon Ball Super” fan-made theory made headlines after a possible order of elimination of team Universe 7 was partially teased. In the opening shot of the Tournament of Power, U7 Warriors were featured where they can be seen holding starred Dragon Balls. Interestingly, Krillin holds the item with one star while Tien holds the two-starred ball and Master Roshi holds the three-starred ball. If the pattern is correct, then we all know who gets eliminated soon.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 is scheduled to air on August 27. Stay tuned!