#Dragon Ball Super always has a way of surprising its fans by delivering explosives from its episodes that everyone can’t just miss to watch. At this time, there is already one universe that faced the King of Universe’s destruction after #Goku and Vegeta managed to defeat them by going Super Saiyan Blue.

Another universe will soon be wiped out thanks to Gohan’s bottomless power as described by Piccolo. However, it’s not just Universe 10’s unfortunate fate that will be showcased in episode 104 but Goku’s team up with a warrior from another team [VIDEO] will also be featured. We all know that the Saiyan fighter has always been giving his enemies a fair fight and this has been proven and tested.

Goku fights with one of his opponents

Weekly Shonen Jump has released the synopsis for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 104, and since it’s written in Japanese, fans like Ken Xyro was quick to translate it for the English-speaking fans. It looks like Goku will find an ally in Universe 6’s Hit [VIDEO], who will be cornered by the Pride Troopers from team Universe 11. “Goku and Hit’s strongest tag-team combination?! [The] tournament continues with fighters dropping out one after another!” reads the synopsis. “Meanwhile, Hit is at a disadvantage because of Universe 11 warriors, [but] then Goku comes to help him and…?!”

Judging by the synopsis, “Dragon Ball Super” will apparently have Goku and Hit fight side-by-side in an attempt to take down the Pride Troopers. These guys’ arsenal is not something to mess with, and Hit’s signature Time-Skip might not work to subdue the guys from Universe 11.

According to Comic Book, it’s going to be Dyspo who will put Hit into trouble by destabilizing the fighter’s time-skip skill. It can be recalled when Goku had problems dealing with Hit’s time-skip ability during their previous battle and seeing Dyspo giving the U6 fighter a difficult time will certainly impress him.

Goku’s challenge to defeat Dyspo

Goku is a fighter who doesn’t say no to a battle and always gives his enemies a fair fight. He is someone who gets challenged whenever a fighter shows impressive abilities when fighting. In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 104, Dyspo is apparently the one who will give him an impression that Universe 11 is not there to just play a game but to show them their strength. There is no doubt that upon seeing Hit in a tight spot, Goku will jump in to help him defeat the Pride Trooper. As Comic Book points out, this might be a great time to persuade Jiren The Grey that the Saiyan fighter deserves his precious time to battle against him.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 104 is scheduled to air on Aug. 20. Stay tuned! #Tournament of Power