#Dragon Ball Super will return this weekend to deliver yet another explosive fight not from Universe 6 any longer but from #Universe 2. Last weekend showcased Kale and Caulifla in a tight spot against the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 with the female Broly’s new transformation that still has fans buzzing. The upcoming episode was teased with a character fusion or possibly an alliance between Brianne de Chateau and her lovestruck comrades in a battle against the guys from Universe 7. Android 17 and Goku [VIDEO] are being teased to be in a tricky situation through the hands of the magical girls, which is something not to mess with. Will they be able to take down the U7 Warriors?

The magical girls

The upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” sees Goku and the team against the Universe 2 warriors, which is led by Ribrianne – a magical girl who specializes in different transformations.

According to Comic Book, the girls' alliance or a possible character fusion will put Android 17 into trouble as they combined their fighting techniques in an attempt to defeat team Universe 7. The preview also shows Frieza, who seems unfazed by the girls despite the shower of hearts that can be seen during the battle. The synopsis also suggests that a transformation will happen between Brianne, Sanka and Su as they merge to power up against team U7.

The “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 synopsis teases that the mortal warriors from Universe 2 will transform into Ribrianne, the warrior of love and victory. Looking at the synopsis, it seems that the magical girls will power up in the Tournament of Power, which will give #Android 17 a hard time. The guy has temporarily left his duty as a Park Reserve Ranger just to join the battle royal, so he better champion the team.

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Otherwise, he might be the next U7 warrior to get defeated following his brother-in-law’s stunning but embarrassing defeat in the deadly martial arts tournament. After all, he still has his twin sister Android 18 intact.

The deadly Tournament of Power

There will be six more losing universes in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power soon and only one team to survive which will be spared from annihilation by the Omni-King. Universe 11 is considered one of the biggest threats in the tournament because of Jiren The Grey, whose power is feared. The female Saiyans from Universe 6 have also showcased their transformations but given that the anime always gives big surprises, expect more to come soon. Universe 7 might have lost Krillin but the remaining warriors are no pushover. Let’s not just talk about Frieza for now.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 is titled “The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!” and is scheduled to air on Aug. 6. Stay tuned, folks!