Dragon Ball Super has heavily featured the female Saiyans – Kale, and Caulifla lately in the Tournament of Power with their transformations that could put their opponents into trouble. Goku and his team are already one man down following Krillin’s stunning defeat from the hands of Frost. However, we all know that the fan-favorite team Universe 7 doesn’t settle for less and will likely bring explosives in the Tournament of Power. Recently, the titles and synopsis for the upcoming episodes have been dropped that teases Gohan’s moment in the tournament. Episode 103 highlights the half-Saiyan’s war [VIDEO] against the guys from Universe 10, which appears to be a fierce battle.

The half-Saiyan, half-Earthling’s wrath in the tournament

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 sees Gohan finally in action in the Tournament of Power against the warriors of Universe 10. Fans are anxious as to what the half-Saiyan fighter can do in the battle royal especially that his home is at stake. “Fight against Universe 10! Gohan’s decision!! Universe 10 warriors are cornered by Universe 2 warriors who showed their true colors!” reads the synopsis. “Gohan of Universe 7 prepares to go against Botamo and Universe 10 warriors!!” Looking at the synopsis, Goku’s son will finally get the spotlight after a few episodes of not being the focus in the deadly martial arts tournament.

Apparently, Gohan will face Botamo [VIDEO] from Universe 10 in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 and fans expect him to use his fighting skills in a memorable battle that could make or break his entire universe.

Some people, however, are not too thrilled with his opponent as everyone knows that Botamo is not actually an established fighter. Many fans have been waiting for his time to go all-out in the Tournament of Power and most of them expect him to fight against a more notorious warrior. However, given that the hit Anime Series always have something up its sleeves, we all can expect more explosives coming soon. After all, Mystic Gohan is something to look forward to in the battle royal.

Gohan, team Universe 7

He is one of the ten warriors in team U7 participating in the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. Gohan leads the team in the tournament and trained with Piccolo in preparation for the battle royal. Piccolo has previously said that the half-Saiyan’s power has continued to become bottomless and can power up to greater heights. He has also regained his Mystic Form so we can expect a ferocious Gohan soon.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 103 is titled “Don’t Go Easy, Gohan! Decisive Battle With Universe 10!!” It is set to air on Aug. 13. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates!