When it comes to #Dragon Ball Super,” it seems that the Saiyan fighters always get the spotlight especially now that the ultimate #Tournament of Power has finally rolled. Team Universe 7 is already one man down after Krillin got disqualified following his stunning defeat from the hands of Frost. However, everyone knows that Goku is no pushover and the upcoming episode proves it. The episode’s synopsis teases the Saiyan fighter criticizing Android 17 for attacking against his opponents prematurely. The episode proves that he still hasn’t changed from being the fair fighter that he has always been.

Saiyan vs Android

Weekly Shonen Jump recently dropped the synopsis for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102, which teases Goku ticking off at #Android 17 for not being fair in his battle strategy against the magical girls [VIDEO] of Universe 2.

"Unable to take the hint, he immediately attacks! Android 17 doesn’t hesitate to attack while Brianne is in the middle of her transformation," the synopsis reads. "But he is criticized as acting tactlessly by not only the people of Universe 2 but Goku to boot?!” Apparently, the Saiyan warrior is not happy about Android 18’s twin brother for attacking Brianne de Chateau while she is still trying to transform. Goku is known as a fair warrior who doesn’t like stabbing anyone behind their backs and the Android's action is something that he loathes.

However, many “Dragon Ball Super” fans are glad that Android 17 did what he needed to do rather than wait for Brianne to transform into a more powerful warrior. As Comic Book points out, it’s better to just stop the transformation to take down the opponent easily than wait for his own possible defeat.

After all, a war isn’t always fair and the fact that their home is on the line, the warriors should do their best at great lengths to protect their friends and family from annihilation. The magical girls were already teased that they will put Android 18’s twin brother into trouble with their lovestruck combined powers so it only makes sense if 17 will take every chance he can get to stop them.

The power of the magical girls

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 synopsis also teases the combined powers of the magical girls led by Brianne de Chateau. It is said that she will have an alliance with Sanka and Suu to transform into Ribrianne – a magical girl that specializes in different transformations. These girls will reportedly put Android 17 in a tight spot. Thus, the fighter’s premature act on stopping her transformation only makes sense.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 is titled “The Power of Love Explodes?! Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!” and is set to air on Aug. 6. Stay tuned!